Christine Council

A prophetic artist, photographer, author, counselor, minister and speaker.  After an encounter with the Lord, in 2009, I started painting during worship, and in 2010 God began speaking to me about writing…

this blog is my humble beginning.

You can see my artwork here!  

Or click on the image to see my new book!

Please write me if you have any questions or would like me to minister, teach, paint or speak at your event.
Thank you for stopping by!

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“Visuals are powerful. They say things that words cannot say. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures reach places that words may fail to reach, penetrating the closed vault of our hearts and allowing us to see things that words only obscure.”
IVP commentary on Luke 11


Click on photo for painting testimony

“Dreams are like
the paints
of a great artist.
Your dreams
are your paints,
the world is
your canvas.
is the brush
that converts
your dreams
into a masterpiece
of reality.”

19 thoughts on “Christine Council

  1. susieklein says:

    It is beautiful here! Congrats!

  2. Genice says:

    Congratulations on the blog Chrisie! I look forward to seeing more entries from you (^^)

  3. chrissy josefsen says:

    I have really enjoyed Reading your blog, and looking at all the fabulous, and amazing pic’s & art work! You truly have beautiful heart! 🙂 thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  4. Lynda says:

    I love what God has and is doing in your life through the gift of visual communication. I love and appreciate art very much. May God continue to pour into you as you bless the world!!
    Lynda Barber

  5. Suzanne Dunlevy says:

    I just read your article on breakthrough! The timing was so amazing! The whole time I was reading I was wondering if you had found the scripture where God is called the God of the breakthrough — and how it was likened to the sound of rushing waters. That’s the first time in scripture that that name for God is mentioned — “law of first mention” is VERY significant!! Thanks for sharing this — Suzanne Dunlevy

  6. Carmi Merriam says:

    You are so wonderful and faithful! I LOVE your website! I am not an artist unless you call ‘shopping’ an art, but He shows me visions. He gives me dreams. I can’t paint them or even explain them well, but what you paint, what you write is what He shows ME! How wonderful to find someone who ‘gets’ HIM!! I am an intercessor, He shows me and then I pray. Your website and your work has blessed me so and brought me to tears of joy! I am not alone in my work. Thru you He has shown me there are others out there like me, who can see! Thank you thank you for sharing the testimony of your paintings along with your beautiful paintings. You are a SUCH a blessing!

  7. M.L. Swift says:

    What a wonderful site. I follow a variety of blogs…writing, marketing, blogging, publishers, etc. I also love following art sites! Art is important in my writing process, too. It’s a treat to come by and see yours.

    M.L. Swift, Writer

    • I feel honored that you would follow my blog. Your blog I read the other day was so amazing. I am trying to write books now, God has asked me to…and when I come across someone like you, I think…wow…”now, THAT is a writer!!!!” Yes…’tis very humbling… lol. But also extremely inspiring… Thanks for coming by…

  8. I’m fascinated by your painting of Moravian Falls. I went there a year ago. A beautiful place. “Breakthrough” says it all.

  9. Kay Boykin says:

    Hi Christie as always God really uses you to minister His true nature. I love the paintings. I met you in SC before Danny moved to CT. Anyway you know my brother-in-law John Boykin. What I wanted to talk to you is about a lady that I meet in MO at Jim Bakkers place. She is the artist that has painted alot of the painting in his ministry. I told her I would contact you and get her help in promoting her paintings. Her name is Karen Wahlgren. Hope you can help her. If you would contact me via email I will give you her telephone and address. Thanks Kay Boykin

  10. Charlene Beach says:

    “Believing is the brush”
    Are the words I needed

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