Faith is giving up the right to see…so others can!





Recently, I planted some herb seeds that I had purchased early this spring.  Before I planted them, a friend and I watched a movie, “Faith Like Potatoes”.  The story is about a farmer that gets saved, becomes an evangelist, and then takes a huge step of faith, on a word from the Lord, and plants potatoes in the middle of a drought.  That was unheard of because potatoes need a lot of water and because you cannot “watch” them grow, you have to have faith that they are there and thriving.  The decision could make or break him.  But…of course because the Lord told him to, it MADE him.  It ended up being a huge harvest and an amazing testimony as he traveled and shared the gospel with other farmers.When I planted my seeds, I was thinking about faith, how placing those seeds underground requires us to give up the right to “see” and so does becoming a Christian, the word even says, “…we live by faith, not by sight.”  It also says that unless the seed “falls to the ground and dies” it can’t become a plant and produce fruit.  See, the seeds are found in the fruit and I have heard it said, you usually know about how many seeds are in a piece of fruit, but do you know how many pieces of fruit are in the one seed?”  Great potential!!!

Before I could plant them, I realized the first thing I would need is a good soil.  Soil that is well tilled and rich, soil that can hold water.   That would be a good place for the plants to rest, grow and be fed.  A rocky soil wouldn’t do, then the plants would have not nutrients and their little fragile roots would dry out quickly.

The next thing they would need to have is water.  Water is what causes the seed to swell so it can burst and germinate, then begin to send it’s roots down into the soil and be fed.  The seeds would have to be watched and watered regularly though,  so that when they did start growing they would not dry out in the sun’s light.

While I was writing this, I thought, hmmm, I should go out and water my little seeds, and guess what I found?   The baby basils had broken through and were now receiving the sun’s energy.

As I was watering the baby plants, the sun was behind me and I caught it’s reflection in the mist of the water.  Then, I saw a beautiful rainbow!  God always surprises me with them and usually speaks to me when He does.  As I meditated on it I realized that the rainbow was always there, that the water had just revealed it.Just like Jesus, the Light of the World, He is always there, whether we can see Him or not.  Same with the tiny seeds, all the potential is already there under that ground and just waiting to germinate.

So, that is what Faith really is…believing He is there…believing we have a purpose even when we can’t see it.

Like these tiny little seeds, each one of us holds a harvest inside of us.  We need to first find a soil or church family rich with nutrients, tilled by prayer…a place where we can lay down and die.  There must be worship, letting the water of His presence cover and soak us, so we can germinate.  And once we are grown, the Son will illuminate His purpose and give us energy for the work of producing fruit!

So then, WE, like individual little drops of water will work together to reveal Him, the Rainbow, to those that can’t see Him…yet!


Have FAITH!!!!

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