Cinderella Man



This week I watched Cinderella Man.  If you haven’t seen it, it is a great movie based on a true story about a fighter, James Braddock, that made a come back.  But it wasn’t just any old come back, it was like a prophetic word to the country, for that season.  It was in the middle of the great depression, and he had been fighting and fighting and fighting for his family.  They had suffered so much through their lack, everyone had gone through the fire, except the rich.  He had injured his hand, couldn’t fight anymore, and had to take any odd job offered to him to try and support his family.


It was beautiful the love that he had for his family.  The character that he displayed, the humility and courage. People loved him and looked up to him.   His agent really loved him, believed in him and fought to give him a second chance, a one time fight.  He got in the rink and fought with amazing determination and power, even though he was hungry and had not trained.  He was being fueled by the fire of the love that he felt for his family, and country.  He kept on winning and ended up being set up to fight the world champion, a man that epitomised satan.  He had even killed 2 men in the ring.  He was menacing and honestly, a total jerk.


So I watched this movie and I wept.  It moved me deeply, feeling the heart of God for those that have fought and fought for their family…the church, His body.  Feeling such anger at satan and what he has done to those to keep them down.  What he has done to our country.


I am not a violent person and do not usually like to watch boxing or anything like that, but this day I was cheering and enjoying every punch!!!  I got so excited when that jerk finally took a fall!!!!  It moved me to tears to see this Cinderella man stand up and fight!!!  Seeing him become who God created him to be…step into his call. He was restored, vendicated, and his whole country was encouraged.   God took this man and made him a prophetic word of encouragement for the whole nation.  FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT the good fight.  Satan is going down!!!!!

 It is time to open a can!

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