Testimony! Another Butterfly gets her Wings!


Over two years ago, a woman sat down to have me do a prophetic portrait for her…and I saw that she was an artist.  I actually kept weeping and weeping over this woman.  I was trying to talk to her, but I could not stop saying…”you are so artsy…you are soooo artsy…”  She looked at me with confusion, although she did not reject what I said, it just seemed like she did not GET it.  I also saw a deep well and prophetic intercessor’s gift inside of her…it was so beautiful to see, and I painted an ink well.


Part of what God has called me to do is to is to help other artists be released into what they are called to do.   I call it “Releasing the Butterflies”. I look at people that are not flowing in their creative gifts yet, or are not aware of their giftings… and THEN I call it forth.    I actually get to see their wings appear sometimes in the spirit…it is sooo cool.  Many times I also see the media the person is called to work in, or is already working with.


With this woman, I saw all these colors and fabrics around her.  I actually saw her DRAPED in fabrics.   I saw textures and collage work. I saw her fingers working in it.  I tried to explain it to her, and give her samples of other’s work, but she still did not get it, but was trying to figure it out.  We talked about it again a couple of times, but she was still thinking about it.


Later that year, she showed me her Christmas decorations, and they were so anointed.  Seriously…I got drunk in the spirit looking at them.  She told me, she was healed one Christmas, and came out of a wheelchair in 2001 after being in it for 3 yrs, so she loves to decorate for Christmas and really goes overboard, but it is sooo beautiful because her LOVE and worship for the Lord comes through this artistic expression and it is tangible.


This morning she showed me some photos. It was of her and a sister doing prophetic acts with fabrics and items at her friend’s new house.   She said, is this what you saw?  (these are her photos)  Looked like ART to me!   She had made the connection.  And I said…YES!!!
…But in a mixed media collage, so I sent her some more “samples” of other’s work.    She then explained that sometimes, when she does intercession with items, the Lord will tell her to get certain things, and she does not know why until the day she is to pray!  She said sometimes He will tell her to bring the shofar for an assignment, so we talked about on the art piece, she might have to get a photo, print it and cut an paste it on the canvas!   We talked about her taking pieces of the fabric and attaching them as well.  She laughed and said she had sooo many fabrics from all over the world God had already had her get to use in intercession.


I believe her art will also be for intercession, and people will be changed as she creates.  Then I asked her to see what she would do for me…and she was getting it very quickly.  I was amazed!  Wow…what a beautiful thing to behold!  She is off to try and recreate what she does in these prayer sessions on a canvas!  She is ready to FLY!!!


She and I are both so excited!!!   I cannot wait to see what she creates.  I KNOW it will be amazing, and anointed!!!
Because she is soooooo sooooo sooooo artsy…!!!!

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