All that we have…


Picture I love the Christmas movie, the Little Drummer Boy. I love it, because he worshiped God with all that he had…and all that he had was a drum.   But he played it for the King, and he played his best for Him.

That’s all God wants from us. He just wants us to worship Him with all that we have. We may not be the best, or do everything perfectly, but he doesn’t care about that.  He cares about our heart.

One of my favorite parts of the Bible, is when the woman comes in and anoints Jesus. Pouring the costly perfume on his head and at his feet.  I love that we don’t really know who she is, only that she was a sinful woman, and that she wept, washing his feet with her tears and drying them with her hair.  She loved much because she had been forgiven much.

We can see the reaction of the others in the room, and we can imagine the smell as that pure nard filled the room.  To Jesus it was the fragrance of worship, but to the religious leaders that did not even know Who they were eating with…well…I imagine it stunk.  It’s easy, to stand back, and watch another  worship, judging them them and measuring their hearts.

Although the Bible says that the oil was worth a year’s wages, we really don’t know the true cost of what she poured on Him that day.

Like the little drummer boy, when he brought the wounded lamb before Jesus, he had no gift to bring, that was fit to give a King, but He just had to give Him something, He just had to love and honor Him.   So he played his drum with a pure heart…and the little lamb was healed miraculously.  Then, he was too, in that moment of pure worship, God had also set him free.   He had been so hurt and wounded, filled with hate, but now he was forgiven and redeemed by the Lamb…as he poured out his oil of worship to the King.

We are called to worship Him like that…with all that is in us, because that’s all we truly have to give him…even though, it will never feel like it is enough…still…He loves it!   And it is in our worship, that we might be set free!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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