A Beacon of Hope

kc3a9rc3a9on-lighthouse-during-a-storm-the-passage-of-fromveur-near-the-island-of-ouessantI keep thinking about a woman I met this week when I was working.    She was tall and stately.   An older woman of great grace.

She was telling me about a time when her husband had lung cancer, and how God brought them through it.   I was having a very hard day myself, and so we encouraged each other in the Lord.

I felt led to pray for her new store she had just opened, that God would prosper it.   As I began to pray for her, I immediately saw a lighthouse in a storm, and the Lord told me to tell her that she had weathered many storms, because He had made her to be a light for others in their storms.
Then the lighthouse turned into Lady Liberty. And the Lord spoke again, He said she was going to be a “Beacon of Hope” to others in that community because she carried His Light.

It made us both just cry, because His presence was so rich, and His love so precious.

Today….I keep seeing the Statue of Liberty in that storm, and I just wanted to share it.   To remind you that the hardships and the storms you go through are for a purpose.   God is making you into someone He can use to help others!

MORE than an overcomer!   A carrier of His LIGHT!   A beacon of HOPE!!!

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