Puffed up? Proud?

The_Puffer_Fish (1)-001Remember…while knowledge makes us feel important, act arrogant, be prideful and puffed up, it is love or charity that strengthens, edifies and builds up the church.
1 Cor 8:1b

That means sometimes you can be right but completely wrong…all at the same time! God KNOWS everything, yet He humbled Himself and came here, and CHOSE to die for us!

Being puffed up is just insecurity manifested. Jesus did not have to prove Who He was…He was so secure…He was willing to be weak that we might be strong. To be judged wrong that we might be made right in Him! To die that we might live!

And remember…we are a family, there is no need to compete for God’s approval. He loves all of us the same, even the puffer fishes!

pictures-of-Peacock-001Love is not proud, it is secure enough to be humble.
Love is not arrogant, thinking more highly of herself and less of others that they think are weaker.
Love is not conceited, unwilling to associate with certain people because they are just not where “they” are.
Love is not puffed up, full of knowledge, a knowledge that has to correct everyone and prove how right they are.
Love is not vain, proud of his abilities, anointing, looks, eloquence, or wisdom, but gives God all the glory, knowing apart from Him, they are nothing.


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