Modest and Sensible

Today I have been watching the birds at the feeder right outside my kitchen window. It is only about a foot from where I am sitting.

I used to wonder why the male birds got all the color and the females got stuck with the dull ones. In our society, we women seem to spend a lot more time worrying about how we look, wanting to get attention through the clothes we wear. Maybe men, like birds, need the brighter “feathers”, cause God made them that way, they certainty need to be respected, heard and encouraged. They are also called to protect, so because of their bright colors, they would be seen first if a predator came.
But you know, lately, I have been so enamored by the beauty of the female cardinal and blue bird. There is such a subtle complexity to their beauty, that is just breathtaking. It makes me think of how we are called to be women like that, modest in nature. Subtle, and gentle, but complex. How wives should be willing to be a helpmate to their spouses, to let him be the one to be seen, to follow, allowing him to lead and shine, submitting themselves to them, as unto God.
I love what Paul said…
I want women to enhance their appearance with clothing that is modest and sensible, not with elaborate hairstyles, gold, pearls, or expensive clothes. They should make themselves attractive by doing good, which is appropriate for women who claim to honor God.

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