Freedom isn’t really free.

Freedom isn’t really free. 

You want to be free? 

Then you have to fight for it, contend for it, work for it. 

I minister to a lot of people, and sometimes they SAY they want to be free. But, when I start to pray I can see, they are not really ready. They are actually afraid to be free. 

I tell those I minister to, you have to fight for your freedom. You have to fight for your sanity. No one is going to fight the fight for you. Not even Jesus. He already did what He had to do, the rest is on you!

Even when God gave the land to people, even after Joshua marched around the city and the walls came down, they still had to go in, take out the evil ones and occupy it!

It is true that Jesus came to set the captives free, but there’s a door you have to be willing to walk through to get there. You also have to be willing to fight for it, because the bible says you must work out your salvation with fear and trembling. It won’t come without a price. You will have to die to your flesh to live in the spirit.

You also will have to believe, that in the storms you can still walk on water. You must decide and have faith to pick up your mat and walk. 

You WILL have to work for it.

AND yes, it will cost you, but it is only then, that you will truly be set free. And only then you will have LIFE…
and have it more abundantly…

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