Confident and Obedient


I don’t think Joseph was prideful. I think he was confident and obedient, I really don’t like it when people accuse and judge him like that. They don’t know his heart, and no where in the bible does it say he was prideful. It is curious to me when people think that…wonder why they would?I think he KNEW he was loved, because he was Rachel’s…who was his dad’s favorite wife. She was the wife his father had worked so hard and long for…the one Jacob wanted all along, not the one he was tricked into marrying. Rachel was the wife that was barren for so long, and prayed and prayed to God for a baby. I think Joseph was a manifestation of all those prayers, so he was blessed by God. I think because of that, he was favored by Jacob…and hated by his brothers. His brothers who had a mother that was never loved by Jacob.
I believe Joseph was a good boy, and that is why God chose to speak to him through dreams…and to ultimately use him to rescue his whole family. I think He was created with that purpose in mind, and God was just showing him his destiny so that he would not faint when he was judged, hated, mistreated, sold into slavery, rejected, lied about, imprisoned, put in chains, and hurt by those that should have loved him.
Joseph was confident.  Confidence is not arrogance or pride, it is trusting God loves you, no matter what, and therefore you are willing to be vulnerable, and share your dream, especially because God gave it to you!  Confidence is willing to be vulnerable and love even those that would reject, or hurt you. Vulnerable to love and serve others.Pride is trusting in ourselves, guarding and hiding.  Self protecting.I think Joseph WAS obedient, and HE KNEW he was supposed to share that dream.  I believe God planned it that way, because then, when all was said and done…
His brothers and father would KNOW it was ALL GOD’s will and doing…because He loved them. this is from the movie about Joseph…and I just love it…it is one of my very favorite songs…

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