The “Write” Direction


People are asking about the book I just wrote…so I want to share a little testimony.

Several years ago, the Lord asked me to start writing books. He told me first through many people…prophetic people. People that were my friends, and other people that you would probably know if I said their name. One of them said, “your books will be greater than your paintings.” I kept arguing with God…and fought it…I did not know what I could write that anyone would want to read. A lady actually prophesied to me one day…”God is trying to bless you, stop shrinking back!” Then one of my spiritual dads came to me and told me I am supposed to write my life story. I am still fighting that one…it just seems self centered to me, and I wonder…”WHO would buy it anyways?” …lol.

Since then, a gold angel came to me in a meeting and gave me a spear. I had never seen an angel…and I did not want to tell people when I did see him because I do not want to be a weird Christian that is more focused on their experiences than on God. I also did not want to be deceived…but after the angel came, God told me he was an angel of revelation and he would help me write the books He was giving me. Then He confirmed it…over and over.

One night I went on a date, with someone I should not have been going out with. But, honestly, I was mad. I was mad at God that I have been single all my life, and I have waited for Him to give me a husband…I have been celibate for 20 yrs…and yet, God will not bring me a husband…so sometimes I get frustrated and do stupid things. Not to worry, I was still pure and appropriate with this man, but I just had NO business being with him. It was not God’s will for me to date him, and I knew it. Because he was not my equal in many ways…

So the man asked me to prophesy to him…and hesitantly I agreed because I was not feeling particularly spiritual…but when I did…I heard God clearly, and started prophesying so harshly. NOT like me at all. God was rebuking this man so strongly, saying things like “what are you doing?” I kept apologizing. At the end, I saw a spear hit a bulls-eye and I heard God say, “don’t be afraid YOU WILL HIT the mark.” After I finished prophesying, I fell down…I could not stand the HOLY Spirit was on me so strong. So I knew it was of God.

The next day I went to be with God, because honestly, because of my anger, I had been having a hard time wanting to hear what He had to say, so I had been avoiding Him. So when I did…He started speaking the word back to me. I realized, God was rebuking me for not writing the books and for being out with this man. The spear I saw, was what He was giving me to say through the books. Then, He gave me Isaiah 55:11…”so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

I wept…and I had to call the man and apologize and tell him that I had given him a word that was for me. I was broken.

Not too long after, I just started this book…it is NOT actually one of THE books I feel I am called to write…but for me, it is a start…and I needed to do something to breakthrough and get myself going in the “write” direction.

I saw a movie by Nicholas Sparks and I went and read his story…I was amazed to hear that he got 1 million for his first book.  That got me excited.  Later I was watching a ministry meeting streaming and they were praying for healing for people, but then this one man got up and said, there is someone you are asking God about money, and He is saying all the money you need is attached to one act of obedience.

Recently I was watching a TV show, and they interviewed a famous Christian author.  They were asking him how he started, etc.  He said a couple of things that really ministered to me.  He said that he realized people would get saved reading his books.  Everywhere he goes, people tell him they god saved from his books.  The books also opened doors for him, doors all over the world, with famous people.  He also said he realized he needed a publisher.  He tried to do it on his own, but learned quickly he needed

It was after that, I felt an unction to get the first book done 🙂

Memorial Day!


Breakthrough 36’x48′ Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

I went through something last year, and it was very hard. I asked God afterwards, what it was all about and He just said, “tests, tests, tests, tests, and you passed them all.” I still did not understand.

After that, God told me he was promoting me, then people began prophesying it to me as well. I went to a conference where I was painting, “Breakthrough,” and someone gave me a book on being a seer, when I opened it, it said right there in bold letters, “Testing Brings Promotion.” At that same conference, a woman gave me a bracelet she had made, not knowing the name of my painting, and to my surprise, it said “breakthrough” on it. She told me, “you are going to have your own personal breakthrough soon!”

The Lord started speaking to me a couple months ago about going to the nations, but, He told me, first I must be endued with power; and I would have to be still with Him so that he could do this. He has also been asking me to write books for a while too. He kept asking me “do you believe me daughter? “. Honestly, it was a struggle, because I know who I am, and I don’t understand why God would choose ME of all people to go for Him, or even to write books.

In December, I was in a meeting with Justin Abraham, I did not know who he was, but a friend had invited me and insisted I go. I tried to get out of it…but went anyway. In the meeting, he was encouraging us to be open to angels. Explaining that they are our servants, to not be afraid to interact with them. Sharing scriptures where people did interact with them. So, I decided to try and have faith to believe this, as I prayed, I saw a troupe of angels enter the meeting, in formation, one of them came up to me, and placed a spear in my hand. Mind you, I have never seen an angel before and I wondered if I was seeing one then. Sometimes I feel weird enough, without seeing angels too. I did not want to tell anyone, because I was not sure if it was even real. But later, God confirmed it was, and told me that he was an angel of Revelation, to help me with the books and he had a message of love and hope for me to take to a lost and dying generation. After that I saw the spear hitting a bull’s-eye and he said, “Don’t worry, you will hit the mark!” then He gave me Isaiah 55:11.

“So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;It shall not return to Me void,But it shall accomplish what I please,And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

Just recently I began to smell this beautiful vanilla scent in my house at certain times. I went to Kathie Walter’s website and looked up what vanilla means on her aromas’s list, and it was a “pure word of Revelation”. I had the thought that maybe it was the angel I was smelling? But I also wondered, again, if I was imagining things, but one night I wrote about the beautiful smell, on my Facebook page, that I thought it might be angelic, and someone wrote me privately and said there’s an angel of revelation in your bedroom. God confirms.

Couple weeks later I smelled it again, and this time I listened and heard him speak to me, as the Lord had instructed me to do, but still, I wondered if I was imagining things. The next morning a dear sister had written and asked me, right on my Facebook page if I had ever smelled angels. More confirmation.

One night not long after that, I was listening to Heidi Baker speak, streaming live from a church in the US. She started saying there are some of you being called to the nations, and you are like me when God said it to me, because I said “you want to send me? Really, me?”. Then she said, “there are angels that have been sent to you, I see them standing beside you with scrolls that you’re to take to the nations “. Whoa!

I also saw a vision and God was using me corporately to touch people as I preached from a pulpit. I lifted my hand and moved it from the left to the right and people fell out in waves. I was blown away by what I saw, and it was after that that God begin to tell me that this was going to happen, And when it did, people were going to get healed, delivered, saved, and set free….I WAS going to see it, but first I needed the power. I needed to sit before Him and be “endued with power” He said.


Surrendered, 36″x48″ Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

When I saw this happen it made me think of Benny Hinn and his ministry. I had the thought to reread his book, “Good Morning, Holy Spirit. ”

I went to a retreat right after that to paint, “Surrendered”, and the speaker on the last day got up and began to talk about hosting the Holy Spirit. He even spoke about Benny Hinn. He said, “it isn’t that Benny Hinn is a great healer, he just carries the presence of The Holy Spirit in a great way.”


For You! Liberty! (2) 18″x24 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

At one point he even had me come up on the stage while he was speaking and hold this painting, “For You! Liberty!” as he talked about the power of the presence of the Holy Spirit. He said when we’re with the Holy Spirit this is what happens.

So this week I found my book, and began re-reading it. Let me tell you I have been crying so much, hearing Benny Hinn’s story, and seeing God working in his life…it is just so precious. So encouraging. God was so faithful to encourage Benny, he was as doubtful as I was, but yet God confirmed and led him to his place in the Kingdom.

So, I just wanted to share this, on Memorial Day. I know it’s a holiday for the military forces in the natural, but I want to honor those who have served in the Army of the Lord. They have fought and sacrificed their lives, to give us freedom and liberty too. I also want to recognize the Angels, God’s heavenly army, ever making war on our behalf…carrying out the will of Our Father.

Reading Benny’s book is reminding me of all the sacrifices he made to be one that carries the Holy Spirit. How he was persecuted, rejected and abused, especially by his family. The Holy Spirit became his best and only friend at times.

Did you know that he was a horrible stutterer and God didn’t take it away, until he out of obedience to God, stepped up to the pulpit for the first time, opened his mouth to preach, and it was in that very moment that God set him free!!!!? Amazing!!!

So I honor God’s generals today, on this Memorial Day!! Thank you to all who sacrificed and fought to be those who carry his precious Holy Spirit! Those that were willing to host Him so that He could move through them, saving, setting free and healing….so many.

I’m not sure if this is wisdom, to share what God is doing in my life…but there’s something about writing your vision out, making it plain, and honoring God with our testimony…doing that has power in it. It’s my Memorial to God and who He is making me to be in Him…despite my fears and doubts, He is still able.

I also want to encourage others, if they feel called to go to the nations, or to be used by God, that they spend time with the Holy Spirit. Jesus said he was leaving but when He did He gave us the promised gift of the Holy Spirit. We are supposed to spend time with Him, and he is supposed to be our best friend, our comforter, teacher and leader now, the Spirit of Truth!

* went to a revival on the 30th and 31st. The evangelist talked on the last night.about the Holy Spirit and being “endued with power…” The very words Jesus spoke to me!

“And I send the promise of my Father upon you: but stay you in the city till you be endued with power from on high.”
and He will show you things to come. He shall glorify Me: for He shall receive of Mine, and shall show it unto you—John 16:14.
…when He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth—John 16:12,13a

Can you Feel the Fire?


I love this painting! Did you know that you really can feel your paintings?

I have been in secular art shows and felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit on paintings!  Paintings of things that had no Christian images, but still, I could feel His presence on them.   I have even boldly gone up to the artists and said, “You love the Lord!”   They would look at me funny, and say, “I do!  How did you know that?”   Other times I have seen art that would cause me to begin to weep and not be able to speak, because the pleasure of God was so great on their work, it would overwhelm me.

I was at one show, looking at some jewelry and all of a sudden, I could not contain the tears.  I had to leave this woman’s booth.  I was with a friend and they asked if I was ok, but I could not talk to them, I was too overcome with emotion.  I just KNEW that this woman LOVED Jesus, and that was all I could say, “She loves Jesus…”

My friend was curious, and went back to her booth later to ask her some questions.   He found out that, sure enough, she did love Jesus.  She had defected from her country and come to the US to be able to worship freely.  She was not sure how she would be able to support herself when she met a Christian that had taught her how to create jewelry.  She was so grateful, for him, because he helped her learn a way provide for herself.   She said she created her jewelry as worship unto Jesus!!

Someone came to me in a meeting once and asked me if I had felt my paintings.  I realized, I never had.   I feel His presence as I paint so strong sometimes I can hardly stand, but I had never felt Him on my art.  I was painting  “The Golden Eagle: Seer”, at a School of the Seers, and he said when I started painting, the anointing went out about 3 ft or so, and as I continued to paint, it became larger and larger.   I thought that was very interesting.  I also enjoyed watched him as he walked around my painting “feeling” it.

I had brought the Lion and the Lamb painting with me, a prophetic piece I created, where the crowns came at the last minute, by the Spirit.   I also remembered that when I was painting this piece, a woman felt led to walk up to see it closer during a break.  I was speaking with some women off the platform and watched her move towards the painting.  When she got about 10 ft or so away, she cried out and fell backwards.   The women I was speaking with saw it too.  I asked the woman later what happened, and she told me she had always wanted to be “slain in the spirit”, but did not trust a man or woman to do it, so God decided to use His presence on my painting to bless her.

The man asked me to come and stand in front of it.   He prayed for God to let me feel the anointing on my painting, and as I stood there, I did not know what I would feel, but to my surprise, I felt a Crown being placed on my head!!!!   Totally wrecked me!

After that, I went back to my “Golden Eagle: The Seer” painting and every time I would look at it, especially the eagle’s eyes, I could feel an anointing come on my eyes!   I felt like He told me that my painting was being used to release a seer anointing!

When I was painting the Lion and Lamb painting, I ree

I always experience my paintings prophetically, then worship and pray as I paint them.  I believe that God has me do this so that He can rest in them.  Just like a song can carry His presence, everything created as worship to Him, can carry Him too.

Holding My Hand

I was a baby Christian when I first started painting in 1992 or so.   When I did, I noticed my left hand would get very hot as I worked on my art, it was such an unusual sensation, I would tell people that it felt like God was holding my hand.
Now I know…He really was ♥

Painting what you see…seeing what you painted


Yesterday I went before the Lord to paint.  Just me and Jesus.  Recently someone accused me of plagiarism because I use reference photos.  Honestly…it hurt because it was more than one that went to my pastor, and guess what, they were all artists too… They didn’t even have the courtesy to come to me and ask me about it.  Where is the Love in that?  Something like that will knock the wind out of your sails…IF you let it.Well…it is no secret that I use reference photos, and I post that, right on my website, and in the testimonies of what I paint…whether or not I used a photo.  Why do I do that?  Well…because I want to make a painting that is easy to interpret. The bible says, when we prophecy in the Spirit, then we should interpret it.  I am a realist.  That is how I see in the Spirit.  I see visions very realistically…detailed.  So, that is how I want to reproduce it.  I am not mature enough as an artist to paint without photos.  So I look and look until I find the right photos that best represent what I see.  Sometimes I use multiple photos.  If I can find the photographer, I ask permission to use the photo, if I can’t I just use it and say that it is a photo…?  I am so new to this, and am learning as I go…  I just want to paint what I see…so others can.

It also isn’t about making money…either.  Trust me, this ministry COSTS me…it doesn’t MAKE me money.  It is my gift…to the body…and other artists.  I want to give.  have a website called The Prophetic Canvas and artists can join it for free, I made it so they can network and encourage each other.  Do I make anything on it, or get anything from it?  No…it is just a way I can serve others.  I also made my website by myself…and take a lot of time to write in detail about each painting.  Why?  Because artists contact often saying…”THANK you for your website.  It ministered to me”…or “I am excited about doing prophetic art now.”  They have even said, “thank you for saying you use reference photos…when I try to paint from my spirit, it looks horrible.”   I do it from a place of trying to love others…


So, back to the painting…I have found, when you want to run…that is the time to press into God…so stood in front of the canvas, and waited…before the Lord (not with the best attitude either;).   Immediately I saw a yellow beam…it was like a light beam of Glory coming down, so I painted it.  I thought of BREAKTHROUGH.  Then I saw a rainbow over to the right of the yellow beam.  So I put it where I saw it on the canvas.  Then the Lord told me to put a cloud under the rainbow….so I did.  Then I waited, and waited…there was nothing else, He just asked me, “what do you see?”  I saw the Lion of Judah’s face in the cloud…but nothing else.  I FELT like a Dove or a butterfly should go in it…and I looked for reference photos to do that…but nothing moved me…so I am still waiting to see what He wants.  Because it wasn’t finished, I didn’t post a photo of the painting yesterday…was still waiting…

As I was painting it, someone in particular was in my heart.  She sees rainbows too, we have seen them together…and God has been doing amazing things in her life!!!!   It is like the Glory of God has been coming down onto her giving her breakthrough.  I actually thought, she would like this painting…

Last night I went to be with the Lord and He let me cry on His shoulder.  I was asking Him what to do…I don’t want to paint something illegal…but I also want to paint something that honors Him by being most like what He shows me.  He told me…”I will help you…just do it ALL for me.  Paint everything for me.”  So…that is the key really…it is ALL about doing it for HIM…  Love is the best motivator and sustainer of all things we put our hands to…and no matter what anyone says or does to us, we will still be in LOVE…nothing can separate us from it.


Today I was hanging out listening to the thunder, and the person who had been on my heart while I was painting yesterday called me, out of the blue…we have not talked for some time…and she says…there is a rainbow out right now!  She had been writing it on my FB page and I didn’t see it.I ran out with my camera…and got some shots…

Check out the painting, and the photo…

God is the best encourager ever!


And this is the shot she got and she said she was thinking of me…about me painting when she got it 🙂  check out the the cloud under the rainbow.  She also said she saw a lion’s face in the clouds… How cool is that…?  We also both saw rabbits and took photos of them while we were seeing the rainbow in 2 different places.  Rabbit means rapid multiplication.The comments from my friend after she saw the painting and note I posted on FB.  DANGGG that was awesome!! I can’t stop smiling and i laughed and jumped up and down in my chair so hard – also saw a LION in the clouds today and uploaded it like 5 min ago!!! PROUD OF YOU!!!! ^^ God will guide you – and lead you in faith -one step at a time – that’s what God has been teaching me 😛

♥ u mucho and i luv ur painting & note 😛

they needs a love button 😛

Free to Fly

Lightning bugs are so amazing, I just painted, Children of Light, so they have been on my heart.  Not too long ago, the Lord really spoke to me through them, they seemed to be everywhere this year.   I asked Him why He created them, praising Him for His artistry and He told me as Christians we are like them:

  • We GLOW because we carry His light in dark places.
  • We are a wonder to the world, especially when we move by the Spirit, because it is supernatural.
  • They use their light to attract others so they can reproduce, and we are called to use His light to make disciples too.
  • We have to be like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven…and Fireflies bring out the child in us…and make us smile.  How many of us have memories of running around with a jar at dusk collecting them with our brothers and sisters?  Or going to sleep with a jar of them on our bedside table.


Jesus said, “For a brief time still, the light is among you. Walk by the light you have so darkness doesn’t destroy you. If you walk in darkness, you don’t know where you’re going. As you have the light, believe in the light. Then the light will be within you, and shining through your lives. You’ll be children of light.” ~ John 12:35
One night I was in my kitchen, and I saw a lightning bug caught in a spider’s web outside my window.  I was in a hurry, but had the thought I should go outside and help him get free, but forgot all about it as I got busy.  The next day I was washing dishes, when I saw the lightning bug again, but this time, he was not moving, he was completely dead.  The Lord started speaking to me, He told me that this little firefly’s light would never shine again.  I cried, I identified with it because I was struggling with something myself that felt like a spiderweb and I feared it would render me useless for the Lord.  We, as Christians can so easily get entangled in webs and traps that are set for us.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. ~ Gal 5:1


The situation was a person God had told me to stay away from, because the relationship was not healthy, but I was having a hard time letting them go.  One night they came to see me, and after their visit, we opened the front door, and there was a huge perfect spider web going completely across the threshold.  The Lord spoke to me, He said, this relationship is like a spider web in your life, if you continue to spend time with them, you will end up like that firefly.  I got my camera, and took pictures of the web.   Later, when I went to edit them, I could see this person getting in their car through the photo.  Again the Lord spoke, if you decide to remain friends with them, you are choosing to go through the web to get to them.As I resisted being with them, the presence of God was becoming stronger and stronger in my life.  One night I was on the computer, the sun had set, but I had not yet turned on the lights in my house.  I was chatting online, telling someone how God was blessing me, and that I had finally closed the door on this relationship.    As I did, a light kept catching my eye in my dark house as I was typing on my computer, but I did not pay much attention to it.  Eventually I could not ignore it, because it had come right in front of me.  I couldn’t believe it, but it was a Lightning Bug!!!  In my HOUSE!  How did that happen?  The Lord, again spoke and said to me, “Look at how it is glowing and flying, isn’t it beautiful?”  Yes…it was, and I praised HIM for setting me free!

Ok, I wrote this in the morning and later that night around 11:30pm I decided to run to the store.  I was in a hurry because I know the store closes at midnight.    As I went out my front door I walked right through a spider web. It was across my threshold, the exact same place as the one I had seen before.I noticed the spider building his web earlier when I went on my front porch for something, and thought that I should probably knock it down, but figured I wouldn’t be going anywhere until morning, and it would probably be gone by then.  So when I left I had forgotten all about it, and walked right through it, but of course THEN I remembered seeing it earlier.As I was pulling the webs off…and getting the heebie jeebies wondering if there was a spider on me…a firefly came right up and flew all around me.  I thought it was so odd that this would happen, and even stranger how compelled I felt to go to the grocery store right then.

So I contemplated on my drive to the store and then again on the way home.  When I walked up my front steps, I looked for the remnants of the web and I saw the spider was still there.  I was relieved that he wasn’t on me, but sad when I looked closer and realized he had a firefly in what was left of his web.   The spider was right beside him and it looked like he was biting the firefly, the little bugs light was blinking so fast like he was putting out a distress signal.  This time I took the time to loose him, although I feared it was too late.

I came in and started asking the Lord what He is trying to show me.  I think He was saying He wants us to be diligent to watch for the webs…and remember when and where we have seen them.  If the thought comes to you to knock it down, then do it, right then, so when you are busy, you won’t forget it is there and walk right into it.  If you see another believer caught in a web, then go to them and help them get free, don’t wait until later because it might be too late.

OK…this is CRAZY…but as soon a I finished writing this, for some reason, I went out to check on the lightning bug and to my surprise, he was crawling around.  I helped him onto my hand and immediately he started FLYING!!!  He hung out for a really long time in front of me, just hovering, weaving in and out of the columns on my porch, across the threshold, like he was thanking me for saving him.    I watched with tears as he took off, given a second chance to fly…his light glowing in the darkness.

John 1:3
Everything was created through him; nothing—not one thing!— came into being without him. What came into existence was Life, and the Life was Light to live by. The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out.