Letting go…

opened my hand
a flower blooming
Each finger a petal
I’m letting go

Felt the white ribbon 
slide and slither
slowly around and 
through my fingers
Like a snake in the grass

The Red Balloon lifted 
higher and higher
Until the final moment
when it slipped completely 
from my hand

parting ways 
like ex-lovers 
with one final 
passionate kiss

Finally free,dancing, with the wind
Rocking back-and-forth,
a buoy in deep waters, 
caressed by waves.

I watched as it diminished,
until faded away
from an inconspicuous dot 
to complete nothingness

Swallowed up by 
the enormous blue sky
It disappeared.

Then, a tear fell 
from my eye
As my lips mouthed 
a somber 

Little leaves, laying on the ground


Picture The other day I was blowing my leaves and I got really melancholy, but I did not know why.  I kept looking up to the bare branches and thinking the leaves belong there.  When I came in I had to send an email requesting to be part of a ministry to help orphans, and as I wrote it I began to weep.  Then I heard “Family Trees” in my spirit and it made sense…so I wrote this little poem to express what I was feeling…