The Substance of Kings and Queens

6941790_orig.jpgI was walking one day, and God began speaking this word to me.  I quickly recorded it, and transcribed it.  I did some research and added that as well.  I hope it blesses you!

Testing brings promotion, but it ONLY brings promotion, if you actually PASS the tests.

Otherwise you will just stay on a merry-go-round of disobedience, a grinding of the millstone, blind and bound by your own wayward ways. Around the mountain over and over again, just like the Israelites did for 40 years, you will never enter the promised land.

So the key to advancement, is obedience.

God is looking for those who will obey him, no matter what. Those who fear Him. Those who will do the will of the Father. Those who know apart from Him, they can do nothing. Know they really can’t do anything.

God needs obedient servants.

Saul wasn’t obedient. He wasn’t. There was a time he was, but he became more and more disobedient. I think the sin of pride got in the way. What else would cause us to be disobedient to God? Maybe fear, a lack of faith, doubt, wanting to please men above God…but I think, in Sauls case, it was pride.

God called it, through Samuel, rebellion…said it was as witchcraft.

Obedience requires humility. It requires knowing who God is, and who we are NOT.

Do you know what God said about David? He said he would do everything I ask of Him.

Acts 13:22
After forty years 22God removed Saul and made David their king. God spoke favorably about David. He said, ‘I have found that David, son of Jesse, is a man after my own heart. He will do everything I want him to do.’ 23″God had the Savior, Jesus, come to Israel from David’s descendants, as he had promised.

That’s the substance of Kings, that is what set him apart from his brothers.
That is what made him God’s choice to rule Israel…
Lets look at the moment when God confronted Saul with his disobedience.

1Samuel 15:17 Samuel said, “Even though you don’t consider yourself great, you were the head of Israel’s tribes. The LORD anointed you king of Israel. 18And the LORD sent you on a mission. He said, ‘Claim those sinners, the Amalekites, for me by destroying them. Wage war against them until they’re wiped out.’ 19Why didn’t you obey the LORD? Why have you taken their belongings and done what the LORD considers evil?”

20″But I did obey the LORD,” Saul told Samuel. “I went where the LORD sent me, brought [back] King Agag of Amalek, and claimed the Amalekites for God. 21The army took some of their belongings-the best sheep and cows were claimed for God-in order to sacrifice to the LORD your God in Gilgal.”

22Then Samuel said, “Is the LORD as delighted with burnt offerings and sacrifices as he would be with your obedience? To follow instructions is better than to sacrifice. To obey is better than sacrificing the fat of rams.

23The sin of black magic is rebellion. Wickedness and idolatry are arrogance. Because you rejected the word of the LORD, he rejects you as king.”

He reaped what He had sown.

24Then Saul told Samuel, “I have sinned by not following the LORD’s command or your instructions. I was afraid of the people and listened to them. 25Now please forgive my sin and come back with me so that I may worship the LORD.” 26Samuel told Saul, “I will not go back with you because you rejected what the LORD told you. So the LORD rejects you as king of Israel.” 27When Samuel turned to leave, Saul grabbed the hem of his robe, and it tore. 28Samuel told him, “The LORD has torn the kingdom of Israel from you today. He has given it to your neighbor who is better than you. 29In addition, the Glory of Israel does not lie or change his mind, because he is not a mortal who changes his mind.” 30Saul replied, “I have sinned! Now please honor me in front of the leaders of my people and in front of Israel. Come back with me, and let me worship the LORD your God.” 31Then Samuel turned and followed Saul, and Saul worshiped the LORD.

Saul chose to obey people, not God. Even after he said he was repentant, he was still concerned about how he would look in front of the leaders, and israel. He wanted Samuel to honor him, but, he couldn’t. He wasn’t being obedient to God.

He did not do what God had asked and killed Agag.

34Then Samuel went to Ramah (High Place), and Saul went to his home at Gibeah (hill). 35Samuel didn’t see Saul again before he died, though Samuel mourned over Saul. And the LORD regretted that he had made Saul king of Israel.

Samuel never saw Saul again…but later, Saul did try to speak to him through a witch. He was thirsty and hungry for God…but he could not find him.

Rebellion is the Food of Fools

Think about that…

Rebellion is the food of Fools. The prodigal son was rebellious, and eventually found himself feeding pigs, and so hungry, he wanted to go face first in the the pig fodder. But when he finally came to his senses, he rose up immediately and went to his father, he thought to himself, at least, as a servant, I will eat better there.

11Then Jesus said, “A man had two sons. 12The younger son said to his father, ‘Father, give me my share of the property.’ So the father divided his property between his two sons. 13″After a few days, the younger son gathered his possessions and left for a country far away from home. There he wasted everything he had on a wild lifestyle. 14He had nothing left when a severe famine spread throughout that country. He had nothing to live on. 15So he got a job from someone in that country and was sent to feed pigs in the fields. 16No one in the country would give him any food, and he was so hungry that he would have eaten what the pigs were eating. 17″Finally, he came to his senses. He said, ‘How many of my father’s hired men have more food than they can eat, while I’m starving to death here? 18I’ll go at once to my father, and I’ll say to him, “Father, I’ve sinned against heaven and you. 19I don’t deserve to be called your son anymore. Make me one of your hired men.”‘ 20″So he went at once to his father. While he was still at a distance, his father saw him and felt sorry for him. He ran to his son, put his arms around him, and kissed him. 21Then his son said to him, ‘Father, I’ve sinned against heaven and you. I don’t deserve to be called your son anymore.’

He never got to say the 3rd thing…”Make me one of your hired men.”‘
the father interrupted him. Because a son, is a son, is a son.

22″The father said to his servants, ‘Hurry! Bring out the best robe, and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. 23Bring the fattened calf, kill it, and let’s celebrate with a feast. 24My son was dead and has come back to life. He was lost but has been found.’ Then they began to celebrate.

What were the pigs eating? They were eating Carob pods.

Carob plants are plentiful, so they could be fed to pigs. Sweet and full of fiber, Carob pods are ground into flour and used to make a cocoa (chocolate) substitute. It is less than the best. It was what is believed to be what John the Baptist ate in the wilderness, to sustain him, because it is sometimes referred to as the locust tree. Bread made from Carobs, is called poor man’s bread, and so carob pods and its flour are associated with humility.

In that moment, the prodigal son longed for the pods. He was hungering for the bread of humility, and saw his choices were a poor substitute for the good food of his father’s house. Even the servants ate better. So he was hungry for change.

His rebellion led him to serve pigs, and then to long for their food. In the bible, pigs are the most unclean and abhorred of all animals. Their meat was not eaten.

A fool is like a pig

The bible says, to not throw your pearls before them, because they will trample them and tear you to pieces.  Fools repeat their folly.

2Peter 2:20People can know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and escape the world’s filth. But if they get involved in this filth again and give in to it, they are worse off than they were before. 21It would have been better for them never to have known the way of life that God approves of than to know it and turn their backs on the holy life God told them to live. 22These proverbs have come true for them: “A dog goes back to its vomit,” and “A sow that has been washed goes back to roll around in the mud.”

God is looking for Conduits.

God promotes those who pass the tests because he needs people who listen and obey. God wants to get His stuff done.

Jesus prayed…Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. How is God’s will going to be done without obedient children he can count on to listen and obey.

Only one way it can be done. It is not going to be done by a bunch of rebellious, prideful disobedient children. So God promotes those who pass the tests, who listen and obey, because He needs people he can trust to do all that He asks of them. Even unto death.

Let that soak in. Every disciple, that walked closely with Jesus, except John was martyred. Every disciple that walked closely with Jesus…was martyred for their faith in Jesus.

But, today, in America, people can’t even stay at a church because someone looks at them funny, or sister Susie sat in their seat. Or pastor Paul didn’t give them a hug the right way after the service.

They’re just so easily offended. We are a bunch of babies. I have been guilty of it…probably why God gave me this word…LOL.

So many people are chomping at the bit to be in ministry. They want the praise of men, like Saul did. And so many places will open their doors, and they say, come here, we will take your money, and we will send you to the nations. Sometimes, people actually ask me to support them, so they can go. Married people, married men, asking me, a single woman, who works SO she can be sent…to support them…so they can go.

And it is right there I want to insert a big screaching tire sound as I slam on the brakes….NOOOOO, I want to scream. No no no.  Wait a minute.

Who sends people? Who raises people up to be apostles. …to go to the nations. Who does it? Who decides that?
God…God decides that. God does it. It is HIS business. Anything other than that is out of order. It is not biblical. It is setting people up for failure. And playing God.

David’s family did not recognize the call of God on his life. They were ignorant. God looks on the heart…ONLY God can see someone’s heart.

So many people, who can’t even pay their bills, because they can’t keep a job, are going on mission trips..asking others to pay their way. Blows my mind…and the church is sending them, through ministry schools. But shouldn’t those who are sent be first completely qualified…even before they are invested in.

When people go to these schools, and pay for the right to do something…only God should send them to do, how is that any different than what Simon the former Sorcerer wanted to do? “Hey, I will pay you, give me your power.”

Let’s look at it, and how the Apostles responded.

Acts 8:18-23 When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles’ hands, he offered them money 19and said, “Give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.”
20Peter answered: “May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! 21You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God. 22Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 23For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.”
24Then Simon answered, “Pray to the Lord for me so that nothing you have said may happen to me.”

Did you catch that? They said NO…because your heart is NOT RIGHT before God!

No….it doesn’t work like that. It is like what they did in the catholic church…paying for salvation…you can’t pay for an anointing and a calling. You can’t buy that stuff…the only way it happens is through obedience and testing. Yes. Only through passing the tests.

Why would you want to be “approved” by a “school” that is asking you for money? I can’t even go to a Christian Counselor who charges for ministry. I have tried, and I cannot get peace in it. Because…the bible says, freely you have recieved, so freely we are to give. I NEVER ask for money to pray for people. How could I? It is HIM, not me, who does the healing!


Look at Joseph, he was an amazing, obedient son. And he was tested, and tested, and tested. And he passed the tests. I mean, can you imagine, being in prison, as long as he was, and then having your bosses wife, who no doubt was a beautiful woman, throwing herself at you, and then you running the opposite direction, leaving your clothes behind? Who does that now a days, who does that in this country? or Anywhere? Who does that??? That takes some kind of resolve…and love of God.

He was a young man. He was all alone. He could have had his way with her. But he did not. He passed.  She wanted to rape him, but when he stood up for righteousness, she cried out, “he raped me!” When you stand for truth, you will be accused of the sin in the other person’s heart.

So, from there, he went back into prison, for more testing.

That’s the kind of people God uses, because He knows, if He tells them to do something, even if it seems ridiculous. Like when He tells them to build an ark, when they have never even seen the rain, they are going to build it.

Or when He tells them to take the very promise they have waited for their whole life, and then sacrifice it…even a child…on the altar, they will go immediately, without question, and do what He has asked of them. “Come on Son, we have to go sacrifice,” without any doubt, without any argument, without any hesitation. Without logic…or “let me pray about it…” then call 5 people and get 3 of them to agree…

No…you have to have the kind of relationship with God that when He asks you to do this thing, that makes absolutely no sense, YOU DO IT…
No hesitating, no arguing, no bucking…Just DO IT!

People want to be in ministry, and they think they can just get buy the credentials, and I’ll be an apostle. Like fast food. Let me go through the drive through and get my credentials…so I can go. No…
God desires for us to live a LIFE of submission to the KING, but how can you submit to someone, if you cannot even hear them speak?

How can you submit to the King when you can’t even hear His voice?

There’s a process. You have to get on your face before God and you have to cry out to Him, you have to seek Him with all your heart. You have to pass the tests, pass the test, pass the tests…over and over and over.

Look at Heidi and Rolland Baker. Everyone is like WOW…they are so anointed, powerful and productive…
Such a blessing to the body of Christ. But do you know what makes them most beautiful? It is their submission to God. They are doing exactly what He told them to do. They are completely given to Him. Completely submitted! And they constantly do what God asks them to do. And they do it with love and grace. Because they’re tempered.

They have been through so much they’re tempered.

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and the inner surfaces into tension. It takes the pressure, and increases in strength. It becomes less dangerous to people…because it doesn’t shatter. It would have to be hit really really hard to even break.

You can’t stand in a place of leadership unless you have been tempered. Trust me. God sent me out to do ministry and sometimes, it was all I could do to stand at times. The first opposition came against me the VERY first time I went to paint. You would not believe the ridiculousness that is in churches sometimes. It is so easy to get offended, so easy to get worn out just from the junk you see. Especially someone as sensitive as I am. It was HARD. I kept asking God. Why are you sending me. I am too sensitive, this is too difficult for me. I can’t handle this. But He did anyway, He made it obvious. So I went.

But eventually, I had to stop for a season, because I was wounded. I was broken by it. I needed healing. I needed rest, and I am praying now, for someone to stand with me.

The question I would ask anyone wanting to be in ministry is,
How low are you willing to go? How low can you go? Because that and only that will determine how high you will be promoted in the kingdom. It will unilaterally determine the level of responsibility and authority you will carry in the kingdom.
Nothing else. It is about going low.
Going low means, passing the tests, being responsible, doing the hard things, laying on your face for God. Serving, being faithful…being willing, listening and obeying.
Yes Sir, yes Sir, yes Sir…

Pruning the Fruitful

Since I was a little girl, Gardenias have had a special place in my heart.

One of my neighbors used to have a bush by the road, and sometimes at night, I would walk down and pick a couple.  I blame this compulsive behavior on my mother, because I remember as a little girl, seeing her constantly sneak blooms off of Gardenia plants no matter where she saw them.  Her obsession was so bad, she would even have my dad stop the car for her sometimes…so she could run out and grab a fragrant bloom.    I can still see her long fingers holding it as though it was a treasure. I remember watching her bury her nose in the blossom and how it would make her smile.

My Maw Maw, my dad’s mother, had huge Gardenia bush by her front door she’d grown from a cutting she’d taken off a shrub in Florida.  Her and my Paw Paw loved to drive down south to visit relatives there.  It had enormous blooms, and the fragrance was intoxicating.  Oh how she babied that evergreen, as her prized possession, and would cover it if there was any chance of a frost.  My Maw Maw has gone onto be with the Lord, but, before she did, I took a cutting from her bush, rooted it, and ended up planting it right beside my front door too.  It is close to 6′ tall now.

One time in a meeting, a man came up to me and said he had a word for me.  In the word, he told me God called me a flower, and he was listening for the specific flower, and then he said…you are  His “Gardenia Girl.”  That was one of those kinds of words that was so incredibly specific, and precious, you knew it was God;  it was rooted deeply in my identity.   He described me like the flowers, tender, fragrant blooms that would bruise easily, so I must be handled with care.  Since I studied horticulture, one thing I do know about Gardenia bushes though, is in the right semi tropical environment, they are a hardy ever green plant.

When I first began to paint for the Lord, He encouraged me through that same rooted gardenia bush right outside the window where I would paint.  I know that sounds weird…but He did.  He talked to me about the buds that were forming.  The first day I painted He told me to look out the window, and it was covered with opened blooms.  And my gardenia bush that year had more than a normal amount of blooms.  I was fascinated with them…and would weep as I photographed them after the rain, when they were heavy with drops…or when they were drooping because they needed rain.  God was ministering to me through them.

This year, I was out of town a couple of weeks, during the winter, and we had a heavy freeze.  I realized in the spring, I had lost a lot of my bush.  I kept waiting for in the spring for the blooms to come, but late in the season, I only found one deformed bloom, when usually the bush would be covered.   I was doing some yard work, when I found it, and I saw that it would need a good cutting back for it to look good and bloom next year.

Before I left to minister recently, I cut off some of the more straggly branches, but had the thought, it is so bad, I need to get out the hedger and really take it down low.   It is scary to just chop on something that you have babied for so many years, especially if it has sentimental value.

As I was gathering up the couple of cuttings, I had the thought.  I am going to root these and make some more bushes.  I mean, that is how I got this bush to start with.  It was such a powerful feeling, the thought of ALL the blooms I would have to enjoy.  One of my favorite things I studied in horticulture, was the ways of propagation; not just seeds, but tubers, bulbs, grafting, tissue culturing…etc.  So, amazing how God created everything to reproduce.  So, I put these cuttings in a vase with some ivy vines, and forgot about them, when I got home, I had the thought to change the water, and low and behold, there were already roots on them!  I was so excited, gasped, and then God spoke:

“This is what is next.  It is time to reproduce.”

In 1996 or so, I saw an art school in my quiet time.  I walked through it, and drew it.  The next day, I went to church and a visiting evangelist said, some of you are having visions and you have even drawn it.  I was like…wow!!!  Then he said.  “And God wants you to know it is going to happen.  That was almost 20 yrs ago.

I thought it was interesting, because I also got this word from a sister, before I left to minister, before I saw the roots on the cuttings:

“I hear ‘change of venue’, new creativity full of lavished love from the Father’s heart. A new room opened up to you: this room with white clothed tables full of beautiful colored jewels and different creative mediums for you to take and enjoy. No limit to the creative beauty. There’s such a refreshing breeze blowing through, that the white cloths on the tables are gently fluttering in the breeze”

And just the other day, I had a vision. I saw a fisherman in a river, and then I was looking from His view, and under the water were all these butterflies.  At the meeting where I had ministered, Jason Upton talked about learning to breathe under water, because God is like an all consuming ocean.  Since I have been ministering, I often see people with butterfly wings on in the spirit and that is how I know they are artists.  I think the vision was more confirmation that it is time to start a river, like the evangelist, (or fisherman) told me…and reproduce.

It says in the word, that God prunes the unfruitful, but He also prunes the fruitful…to make them even more fruitful.  I started to realize, that maybe He even uses those clippings…and roots them…to make even more new fruitful plants.

Praying now to know where and how He wants me to do this…
I have been looking at a location for some time.  So, just waiting for a door to open…
I know My Jesus will open the door for me and provide all I need.
He is a gentleman, so He likes to pay for everything, and open doors for his Bride,
…that is how I will know it is Him.



Give ME a Drink

A while ago, the Lord spoke to me about the women at the well.  I wrote about it here.

But this was the essence of it:  You have looked to men to try and satisfy your thirst, but IF you just drink from ME, you will not thirst again.  You are hungry, but your food is to do the will of the Father.  If you take this sparkling coat, and choose to be my Bride, wear it for me daughter, I will put living waters inside of you that will heal many and I will use you for my glory.  Don’t be disappointed, trust me.

In December, I was setting up the night before I was to minister, and on the way home, God began speaking to me again about the woman at the well.  He was saying that the reason He asked HER for a drink when He met her, was because she had always been a taker.  He said, after she met Him, she became a giver.  I knew that word was for me.

The next day before I spoke, a friend came and wanted to introduce me.  He is a prophet.  He said he had a word from God for me.  He told everyone that I had suffered so much in my life, I had dug a well in the Lord.  He said but God had also dug a well in me.  He said that he saw my mouth wide open, God was pouring Himself in me and out of my belly was flowing living waters.  He said, many just go…but others are sent from God.  He said I was a true “sent one.”  I wept.  He did not know what God had said to me the night before.

I just got back from a trip to Bethel, in Redding.  When I was there, I noticed, many of the people I spoke to were being touched by the Holy Spirit.  Some of them were physically reacting, others were crying.  It was visible.  I on the other hand, was not really feeling anything.  It made me curious, so I asked God…what was going on.  I was worried…  He said, “remember, I made you into a giver now…you are no longer a taker.”  Wow…

He is so good how He confirms things to us.  I am excited about all the drinks I will be giving.  I want Him to pour Himself into and out of me!!!  I pray He uses me to heal, set free, deliver and save many by His Spirit and for His glory!  In Jesus’ Name!!!

Be nice, until it is time to NOT be nice.

Love confronts, and changes things, fear runs away and enables.

Boundaries are healthy and they are godly. Running and hiding from conflict, will get you no where, but running full speed, head first into it will set you free.

Conflict happens. People will push you, and yes…take a mile when you intended to just give them an inch…but…only…if you let them.

You need to figure out how far is too far, because it’s important to know exactly where your boundaries are and at what point is someone is making you uncomfortable or stepping over the line. There is a thin line between being nice and letting someone take advantage of you, so you need to get to know exactly where this line is, so you can know when you need to deal with it.

By always being nice, we actually do others a disservice. When we fail to establish the necessary boundaries in our life that are essential to happiness and success, and if we always turn the other cheek, we actually enable the abusive. Trust me, someone will always be willing to hit you, if you are always willing to let them, some people just prey on people like that.  The most healthy way to handle things, is to establish that it’s not ok for anyone to hit you in the first place…because they know you have self worth, and will not tolerate it.

There are big consequences for not establishing boundaries in life. Letting people take advantage of you costs you; it erodes away your sense of worth and identity. When someone does something to you that you aren’t okay with, but you are still nice to them and don’t deal with the problem, it will eat away at your self esteem and confidence. When you learn to put your foot down and become vocal about your limits, it can be invigorating. You will gain a sense of self worth that is only achieved by standing up for yourself.

When someone crosses one of my boundaries, I have no obligation to be nice anymore, I actually have an obligation to take action. I need to do what needs to be done to preserve my peace and personal identity. This does not make me mean, it makes me healthy.

But remember NOT “being nice” doesn’t mean you HAVE to be mean. Often times a strong tone of voice, or a simple “no” will accomplish your goal of establishing a boundary with someone. Very rarely will you have to be rude to get your point across that you won’t tolerate someone’s abusive behavior, or a lack of regard for your wishes. Learn the power of “no;” it is often the simplest way to establish a healthy boundary in any given situation.

A great example is an effective parent disciplining their child; they are not mean, but they are stern in establishing limits, and this helps the child become a better person. Disciplined children are a joy to be around, and it creates a peaceful environment for the whole family. Limits are extremely important to living a happy life for all parties involved in any situation.

Yes, it’s possible to be nice and still not let anyone take advantage of you; this is the balance you want to achieve. Know your self worth, that you have rights too, and don’t let anyone take them away from you.

People often mistake kindness for weakness, let’s show them just how wrong they are. Meekness is actually strength under control.

Love confronts, and changes things, fear runs away and enables.

Embrace Your Small Beginnings

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, Zechariah 4:10a

Don’t despise the days of small beginnings because that is exactly what makes you into who you will be, and leads you step by step into your destiny.  When God saves you, He has a purpose for you, and you can trust Him, that those plans are good!.

Remember, David had a slingshot. What if he had always wished he had big sword, or the King’s armor? What if he had hated his slingshot instead of embracing what God had put in his hands?   He would not have learned to kill lions or bears and eventually the giant!

What if David had complained or grumbled about being a shepherd, instead of loving those sheep, and protecting them?   When that was the very training ground God used to teach him how to be a King and watch over God’s chosen people?

What if David had resented tending those sheep all alone at night?  When that was the very place where he sang to God, and played his harp under the stars.  Just think, it led to all those psalms and prophetic songs we now enjoy!  And it was anointed too…because it would sooth the savage beast in Saul!

What if he had never been so dishonored by family?  See, honor was important to him… because as a young boy he never had it.   If he had not known dishonor, he would not have hated it.  Hated it so much so, that he would confront a giant, and then kill him because he was dishonoring his God!!  Yes, see, when no one else would stand up for God’s honor, this young boy did!

Don’t despise where you are…you are going somewhere.
I say, learn to embrace it!   Let it shape you and mold you.
Squeeze every drop of oil or wine you can get out of it.
How can we be doubtful about our future?
When it ALL has purpose, and God will use it all for good.
Trust me, He will not waste a bit of it.

Small beginnings are good beginnings!

New Wine Skin


God really wants to do a new thing…if we would just let Him. New wine, needs new skins. You can’t FIX an old skin…it has to be discarded. Lord, have YOUR way, and help us to be okay with it. Help us to find our way and place…rest in it…and not try to force anything…or hold onto the old. Just because you are not “who” you used to be in ministry does not mean you are no longer useful. You just need to accept the new place He has you and be content in it. There is a season for everything. A butterfly can never be a caterpillar again…it has died to that old place. If God has a new purpose or a place for you, He will put you there. No amount of performing, striving or trying will help. It is works, and it is sin…repent, trust and rest.

So many want to BE someone that God never ever called them to be. Or they WERE something in the past but that season is over. I am talking about a complete DYING type thing and trusting God to resurrect. Dying is dying, it is not more DOING….
It is not striving…It is just a BEING thing. Dead things don’t do anything.

If God has not opened a door for you then stop trying to open doors for yourself. Stop trying to be good enough, or copy other people. People see others with favor and they try to mimic them…it is NOT GOD. David refused Saul’s armor…because WAS not HIM. So many are tempted to try and BE like another because they want what they have. David never did that. He said, I have my slingshot, that is all I need. David was authentic, and he HONORED God by WAITING on HIM to make him King. He was anointed LONG before he took the throne.

Holiness and Purity

“When the saint ceases to seek after holiness, purity, righteousness, truth; when he ceases to pray, stops reading the Word and gives way to carnal appetites, then it is that Satan comes.”  ~ Smith Wigglesworth

Thinking about holiness, and how Smith Wigglesworth would convict people by his presence.  How he read the word of God and only the word constantly. How the Holy Spirit was able to just flow through him effortlessly and because so, people were changed instantly.

Then, I think about the Church, and how I long for holiness in His Bride. God said for us to be holy as He is holy. one reason I think He said that is because if we were a body that was holy, then when people came in churches, or places where we worshiped, they would be convicted, repent and changed. I think the Holy Spirit would really want to hang out there too, and He would be free to flow through every person; just like our blood flows through our body effortlessly. It says that one puts a thousand to flight, and that 2, ten thousand. There would be such power to over evil in a pure holy unity.

The Church has become polluted and there is so much wrong in the body, but it seems, people just shrug their shoulders and think “what can we do?” For starters, we can commit to God to be holy unto him, to follow his word, and church leaders can begin to be proactive in confronting sin and error in the body, dealing with it like the Bible says.

In our society it seems that discipline or submission, and confronting people, are dirty words, unloving or heaven forbid “religious”. No one wants that label. But then when an apple is rotten it will spoil the others. Sometimes even in our physical body, we can get an infection or cancer, in a certain part and they will have to amputate it to keep the rest of the body from being infected and potentially die. Jesus said He is coming back for a Bride without spot and blemish.

Yet, there are people in the Church living a lifestyle that is sinful and they want to call themselves a Christian. Even though the Bible clearly says when you love God, you will obey his word, not because you have to, but because you love him so much you want to!

Sometimes there are wounds or other things that may cause us to continue to sin, but it grieves our heart and we try to deal with it. I’m not talking about that kind of thing, I’m talking about blatant sinning, without any remorse and with no conviction that you are trampling underfoot the very Lamb of God that shed his blood for you.

I just think it’s time to purify the Church, because no one is going to get clean, in a bathtub full of dirty water, and the body will get poisoned drinking water that is polluted.

I met a young man this weekend, only nine years old. He was the grandson of the people that invited me to paint. He was so precious, he convicted me by the purity in heart. He was so excited to carry my suitcase to the room I was staying, he was so eager to help me bring my stuff into the Church, and he was the first one to come up to me while I was painting and tell me that it looked really good…
And he did that over and over through the night!

He told me that he feels called to Ministry and he already has a plan…he wanted an amplified bible like his grandpa’s and they had just bought it for him. I got to here him read his first scripture from it the night I painted  !!!!!

Yes, purity and holiness have the power to convict and change others!!

Be a person that makes a difference!

Lost, Then Found

Been thinking about the prodigal son, his father and brother…

Why wasn’t the older brother happy that his younger brother came back?
When the Father was so overjoyed, and filled with compassion…he ran to meet his son, hugged and kissed him? He put a ring on his finger, and killed the fattened goat for him?

But the older brother would not even go out to see him? He focused on the mistakes his brother had made…and he was mad at the Father for celebrating. What was going on with the brother? Was he jealous? Did he have control issues? Did he feel threatened…even though as the oldest,
he still had 2/3rds of the inheritance coming to him…?

Maybe, it was an indication,
that he was just like the pharisees…
the judgmental rule-based spiritual leaders,
the keepers, teachers and experts of the law…
the ones Jesus was talking to…
that had just said about Jesus…
“This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”
Could it be that the brother was like them…and truly did NOT love his Brother…OR understand the heart of a Father?

There is enough love in God for all His children…
if someone sins and comes to repentance,
and then God promotes them…
even though you have been faithful the whole time…

Don’t have a bad attitude.
Don’t get mad at God.
Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.
Be happy, joyful, full of compassion, love and forgiveness…
because what was once lost…has been found,
what was once dead has been made ALIVE!

That is the heart of the Father…
that is the Kingdom of God!!!

Even The Hardest Hearts…

This story has been on my heart all week. I guess I am supposed to share it…

Several years ago, I managed a store while they were expanding, so construction workers were there all day, and would come in to chat with me, flirt with my young co-worker, and cool off.   There was one really obnoxious concrete guy, who was coincidentally, a real hard “you-know-what.”  He would come in, just to mock me and my faith, with great pleasure and zeal.

I had a reputation for being a Christian, and “knowing stuff”, my co-worker loved to tell others about the stuff she had seen me say to people.   So, one day there happened to be a whole room full of workers;  they were all laughing as the concrete contractor berated me and blasphemed God.   In my heart, I was feeling grieved, and frustrated…so I was asking God, like all the times before… “What do I do? What is wrong with him, Why is he like this?”

But this day, God spoke clearly to me, “He is mad at Me, because of what happened to his dad. He needs to forgive Me. ”

Then, I asked God, “Do you want me to say something?” And God said, “Yes.”

So, with fear and faith, as all eyes were on me, I said to this big, burly, loud-mouthed, concrete fella…

“God is telling me that you are mad at Him, because of what happened to your Dad, that is why you reject Him and hate Him so much. You need to forgive Him and get saved.   So, tell me, what happened to your dad?”

He replied, “My Dad died when I was three.”

All the construction workers and everyone was blown away, freaking out, and swearing, exclaiming things like, “Oh my God, that was freaky!”
…they all ran out of the store in a shuffle and roar…

I realized, those with the loudest barks, usually also run the fastest when confronted by the truth.
God has a way of silencing your enemies, because He will give you what you need, when you need it.
He also has a way of penetrating the hardest concrete hearts with Truth!!!  You can’t argue with the TRUTH!

BTW, Mr. Concrete…
nor any of those other construction workers,
ever mocked me or my God again…
at least not to my face…
and that was fine with me.

Honor One Another

ok, I have a bit of a rant in me…forgive me…whilst I step onto my soap box for a bit…….

I despise it when I see people pick ministers apart. I have heard people IN THE CHURCH bad mouth Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Paula White, T. D. Jakes, Rick Joyner, Joyce Meyer, Ken Hagin…and many, many, many, others.

Even heard pastors badmouth other denominations…from the pulpit.

…and I confess, I have been guilty of being critical at times myself

I wonder, how can we be like that? Why would we be like that? What good will it do? When Jesus taught us a house divided will fall? How dysfunctional is that?

It releases a fear of judgement that prevents people from stepping into ministry. I know I was SCARED when God called me. I cried because I feared the judgement I knew would come against me if I began to be “seen.”

Sure, there may be things they do not do perfectly…and we all make mistakes…Lord knows…I DO!!!!!

But, can’t God handle it? Does He know how to chasten them? Does He not raise up and pull down? Doesn’t Jesus say to Pilate, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.” How much more so in the church?

When I look at Joel Osteen, I just love him. I love his smile, and positive gentle way. I love that he is carrying on his Father’s legacy…so faithfully. I don’t see how anyone could say something mean about him…

To me, it says MORE about the PERSON being critical, than it does about Joel.

I remember running from the parking lot into Joyce Meyer’s meetings in the 90′s, when she was first starting her ministry: I wanted to get the best seat I could…because the anointing was stronger than anything I had ever felt in a meeting. I even got my gift of tongues there, and one time she actually stopped to speak to my friend and I…then got up and told everyone how we had encouraged her.

How could anyone say anything about a woman that has truly laid down her life to feed so many people?

The other day, I was talking ugly about a minister…I still don’t agree with what they do, but then I realized, the minister I was talking about was precious to that person I was speaking to.

I ALSO realized, these leaders…they are our PARENTS in the Lord.

God says, we are to HONOR them, so we will live a long life…and it will go well with us in the land God is giving us. Dishonor brings dishonor…

When I was little…people always picked on my sister, and when they did, I would beat them up. She was my sister!!!! And I hated them talking about her like that!!!! I would fight for her HONOR. When my son was little, if someone said something evil about my him, I would not agree with it. I would defend him. He was my family…so I had his back. To me, it did not matter in that moment if what they said was right or not. I wanted my son to know I was standing with him. To me, that is what HONOR does.

The bible says:
Brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

I would add…we need to talk about “such things” too. Let no unwholesome speech come from our mouths.

When you are a child, you learn, “if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all!” I would add to that…just pray, pray to your Father in Heaven in secret. Pray for those parents to be brought to repentance if you think they are wrong…OR for YOU to be…because it just might be YOU and not them that needs to repent! Jus’ saying….

Ok…I am stepping off now…

When did Church Turn into a 3-Ring Circus?

The church has become a place of entertainment.
Not a house of prayer, nor a source of salvation.

I had a dream recently, and in it, there was a party, to honor a special guest that had come back from the dead. To get to the guest, to pay your respects, and sit at His feet, you had to go down a narrow path. It was a long path, plain and simple. But, everyone wanted to stay where the entertainment stage was, with all the flashy lights and amazing music. They all sat there with their eyes wide open, watching and eating food. So sensually satisfying, but yet, so very empty.  When I began down the path, I called for others to come with me.  They could hardly hear me above the music, they looked like zombies, but when they did hear, they just waved me away.

I realized that the church is becoming more and more like that. Sometimes I go to churches and I just shake my head. Seems people are more into the music, or their experiences, than they are really into just sitting at Jesus’ feet. I hear story after story of encounters, but rarely hear the Word anymore, or hardly ever see someone get saved. Dare I say, that I believe, the love is growing cold too?

People want to see gold dust or teeth appear. Oil dripping from hands, portals, angels, healings, manifestations…etc.
They want to hear good, entertaining, speakers, and amazing music.  The cry of their heart is, GIVE US GOOSEBUMPS!!!

People are also striving to be seen, like the “super-stars” that come in and do all the amazing miracles…they are willing to step on others to get to that stage.
But, don’t they know, that it is Jesus Who promotes?   And He promotes those that usually do not want it…because they know it is a position that requires much responsibility, yes, they know they will become servants of all…and that requires much love and death to self.  Do they not know that the Word says, seek first the Kingdom of Heaven?

Yes…these people, want all these things…
BUT, do they,
or have they,
even humbly sought Him that week?

I am not a bible scholar, but it seems to me that signs and wonders were mostly to confirm the Word…so that people would get saved. I don’t think Jesus wanted it to be entertainment for the church or something we seek over Him. Worship is supposed to be for God…not for our pleasure, to distract us from seeking Him.

When did church turn into a 3 ring circus?

I believe Jesus wants His church back.

It’s Bo Time!

Wanted to share this dream because I think it’s a word not just for me but for all those called to release the kingdom,

On Dec 27th, 222 days ago, I had the coolest dream…it was really long…but at the end, I was working at BoJangles. I was a little embarrassed to have a job in fast food, but I needed it, because I had adopted a little girl and needed a way to provide for her.

I went upstairs, on my lunch break, to get some food, and asked if there was an employee’s discount for lunch…they went to ask the manager (I was embarrassed and didn’t want to bother him), when he came over, He said, “Oh yes, Frankie told me about you. We’re excited you are here because you bring the presence and kingdom of God with you!” Then he looked right into my eyes and said, “You are like Esther. Don’t you know, you are a Queen?” (It seemed I was looking into Father God’s eyes!!!) I came alive and said to him “Wow! That makes me excited!!! I’ve been studying about Esther…”

As soon as I said that, the lady beside him cried out and fell out in the spirit… The more I talked about Esther and God, the more people began to get slain in the spirit…

So, I went around the mall touching people and just walking past them, they would all fall down overcome by God. One girl, kept covering her eyes…because every time I would look at her, she would get drunk in the spirit and begin laughing like crazy…just undone by joy! I never got my lunch…lol…because I forgot all about it! But when I woke up I said to God, “Wow that was really cool, and now I’m craving some dirty rice and a biscuit!”

And He said to me, “Chrisie, it’s Bo Time!!!”

Yes it is, and for such a time as this!!!

*”It’s Bo Time” is the advertising slogan for the restaurant, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it

Freedom isn’t really free.

Freedom isn’t really free. 

You want to be free? 

Then you have to fight for it, contend for it, work for it. 

I minister to a lot of people, and sometimes they SAY they want to be free. But, when I start to pray I can see, they are not really ready. They are actually afraid to be free. 

I tell those I minister to, you have to fight for your freedom. You have to fight for your sanity. No one is going to fight the fight for you. Not even Jesus. He already did what He had to do, the rest is on you!

Even when God gave the land to people, even after Joshua marched around the city and the walls came down, they still had to go in, take out the evil ones and occupy it!

It is true that Jesus came to set the captives free, but there’s a door you have to be willing to walk through to get there. You also have to be willing to fight for it, because the bible says you must work out your salvation with fear and trembling. It won’t come without a price. You will have to die to your flesh to live in the spirit.

You also will have to believe, that in the storms you can still walk on water. You must decide and have faith to pick up your mat and walk. 

You WILL have to work for it.

AND yes, it will cost you, but it is only then, that you will truly be set free. And only then you will have LIFE…
and have it more abundantly…

Keys to the Kingdom

This week I emailed a friend, and asked her to pray for me, her pastor just happened to be walking through her door so they called and all prayed for me. The pastor kept talking about the Key of David, authority and about doors being opened to me. After the call, I read a little bit about the Key of David and I got kind of excited about it.

Then today, I was with the Lord and He kept saying, “it will cost you everything.” I didn’t know what he meant, but then He was standing before me and He had this beautiful gold crown on; I just wanted to stare at it. I could tell that God really wanted me to notice his crown. When I see Him, He is not always wearing it.

He turned to his right, stretching out his hand, and behind him was a beautiful kingdom.

He said “I want to give you this.”

Then He reached out and in His hand were keys.

He said, “These keys unlock the doors in this kingdom.”

Then I saw him take one of the keys and put it up into the heavens and turn it; when he did, things fell from heaven to earth. It looked like glory just raining down, as a ray of light from heaven., but there was substance in the Glory! He did that a couple of times as I watched.

Then he showed me I can even take the keys and unlock things in people’s hearts, even my own heart. I saw Him put the key in a person’s heart and turn it. When He did, light came forth just like it had from the heavens.

Then He told me these keys can also lock up bad things on earth; evil, wicked things could be bound.

He told me I could have the keys but…

“it would cost me everything.”

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose (declare lawful) on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven. (Matthew 16:19 AMP)

“Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found, and hid. In his joy, he goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field. (Matthew 13:44 WEB)

And I will clothe him with your robe and will bind your girdle on him and will commit your authority to his hand; he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the house of Judah. And the key of the house of David I will lay upon his shoulder; he shall open and no one shall shut, he shall shut and no one shall open. (Isaiah 22:21, 22 AMP)

Matt5:3 “Happy are people who are hopeless, because the kingdom of heaven is theirs.

“Happy are people whose lives are harassed because they are righteous, because the kingdom of heaven is theirs.

Imagine It

When I was a child, I loved to pretend. When I pretended, I actually saw what I imagined. If I wanted my bear to talk, I just saw him come to life and talk. It was amazing!!! I still remember it. I also remember thinking, I do not want to grow up…because somehow, I knew that this gift would end. Sure enough, one day it stopped.

Sometimes, I wonder why it stopped, and I wonder why God let me be able to do that as a child. I also wonder if there is a power in imagination that we in the church have not understood. Did you know that people can imagine they are sick and sure enough, they will manifest all the symptoms of the illness? Wikipedia says “In some cases, they can seem so ‘real’ that specific physical manifestations occur such as rashes and bruises appearing on the skin, as though imagination had passed into belief or the events imagined were actually in progress.”

So I wonder, what if sick people imagined Jesus healed them, and that passed into belief, with faith like a child…would they, could they…manifest a healing?

I still think it is so amazing that I was able to “see”…and to believe it was real. I had faith as a child, THE faith of a child. When I hear about creative miracles, I wonder if this gift of imagining, seeing and believing could be used to release that.

Luke 18:17 Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”

Matthew 18:3 And said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

Guess Who?

Guess WHO was “made right with God?”

Jesus told his next story to some who were complacently pleased with themselves over their moral performance and looked down their noses at the common people:

“Two men went up to the Temple to pray, one a Pharisee, the other a tax man. The Pharisee posed and prayed like this: ‘Oh, God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, crooks, adulterers, or, heaven forbid, like this tax man. I fast twice a week and tithe on all my income.’

“Meanwhile the tax man, slumped in the shadows, his face in his hands, not daring to look up, said, ‘God, give mercy. Forgive me, a sinner.’”

Jesus commented, “This tax man, not the other, went home made right with God. If you walk around with your nose in the air, you’re going to end up flat on your face, but if you’re content to be simply yourself, you will become more than yourself.”

It is Plenty

One time I was painting a prophetic portrait for a sister, and I saw she was holding a basket. She was holding it close, like she wanted to hide it. Finally I saw inside of it, it was a few fish and a couple of loaves. God spoke to me and said, “She does not think what she has to offer is enough, but reassure her that it is…it is plenty!” It ministered to her, and she agreed, it was something she had battled with.

Tonight my heart is heavy, I am sad for those that feel what they have to offer is not enough. Or those who think “who they are” is not okay. Maybe someone religious tried to make them feel inadequate like they are…because they are different from them. I know for me, it is hard sometimes to share how God uses me, and especially very personal things about how God speaks to me with people that do not believe me.

If I feel judged, or criticized, it just makes me want to hold back, to hold my basket close. Not share my loaves and fishes. Even though Jesus said it is plenty, and people come to me often and tell me how I minister to them.

So be careful and look for friends that make you feel good about yourself, not ones that make fun of you. People that build you up and encourage you…not tear you down…or make you feel less than.

…I love this from the msg bible.

You all have a single Teacher, and you are all classmates. Don’t set people up as experts over your life, letting them tell you what to do. Save that authority for God; let him tell you what to do. No one else should carry the title of ‘Father’; you have only one Father, and he’s in heaven. And don’t let people maneuver you into taking charge of them. There is only one Life-Leader for you and them—Christ.

“Do you want to stand out? Then step down. Be a servant. If you puff yourself up, you’ll get the wind knocked out of you. But if you’re content to simply be yourself, your life will count for plenty…

Memorial Day!


Breakthrough 36’x48′ Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

I went through something last year, and it was very hard. I asked God afterwards, what it was all about and He just said, “tests, tests, tests, tests, and you passed them all.” I still did not understand.

After that, God told me he was promoting me, then people began prophesying it to me as well. I went to a conference where I was painting, “Breakthrough,” and someone gave me a book on being a seer, when I opened it, it said right there in bold letters, “Testing Brings Promotion.” At that same conference, a woman gave me a bracelet she had made, not knowing the name of my painting, and to my surprise, it said “breakthrough” on it. She told me, “you are going to have your own personal breakthrough soon!”

The Lord started speaking to me a couple months ago about going to the nations, but, He told me, first I must be endued with power; and I would have to be still with Him so that he could do this. He has also been asking me to write books for a while too. He kept asking me “do you believe me daughter? “. Honestly, it was a struggle, because I know who I am, and I don’t understand why God would choose ME of all people to go for Him, or even to write books.

In December, I was in a meeting with Justin Abraham, I did not know who he was, but a friend had invited me and insisted I go. I tried to get out of it…but went anyway. In the meeting, he was encouraging us to be open to angels. Explaining that they are our servants, to not be afraid to interact with them. Sharing scriptures where people did interact with them. So, I decided to try and have faith to believe this, as I prayed, I saw a troupe of angels enter the meeting, in formation, one of them came up to me, and placed a spear in my hand. Mind you, I have never seen an angel before and I wondered if I was seeing one then. Sometimes I feel weird enough, without seeing angels too. I did not want to tell anyone, because I was not sure if it was even real. But later, God confirmed it was, and told me that he was an angel of Revelation, to help me with the books and he had a message of love and hope for me to take to a lost and dying generation. After that I saw the spear hitting a bull’s-eye and he said, “Don’t worry, you will hit the mark!” then He gave me Isaiah 55:11.

“So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;It shall not return to Me void,But it shall accomplish what I please,And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

Just recently I began to smell this beautiful vanilla scent in my house at certain times. I went to Kathie Walter’s website and looked up what vanilla means on her aromas’s list, and it was a “pure word of Revelation”. I had the thought that maybe it was the angel I was smelling? But I also wondered, again, if I was imagining things, but one night I wrote about the beautiful smell, on my Facebook page, that I thought it might be angelic, and someone wrote me privately and said there’s an angel of revelation in your bedroom. God confirms.

Couple weeks later I smelled it again, and this time I listened and heard him speak to me, as the Lord had instructed me to do, but still, I wondered if I was imagining things. The next morning a dear sister had written and asked me, right on my Facebook page if I had ever smelled angels. More confirmation.

One night not long after that, I was listening to Heidi Baker speak, streaming live from a church in the US. She started saying there are some of you being called to the nations, and you are like me when God said it to me, because I said “you want to send me? Really, me?”. Then she said, “there are angels that have been sent to you, I see them standing beside you with scrolls that you’re to take to the nations “. Whoa!

I also saw a vision and God was using me corporately to touch people as I preached from a pulpit. I lifted my hand and moved it from the left to the right and people fell out in waves. I was blown away by what I saw, and it was after that that God begin to tell me that this was going to happen, And when it did, people were going to get healed, delivered, saved, and set free….I WAS going to see it, but first I needed the power. I needed to sit before Him and be “endued with power” He said.


Surrendered, 36″x48″ Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

When I saw this happen it made me think of Benny Hinn and his ministry. I had the thought to reread his book, “Good Morning, Holy Spirit. ”

I went to a retreat right after that to paint, “Surrendered”, and the speaker on the last day got up and began to talk about hosting the Holy Spirit. He even spoke about Benny Hinn. He said, “it isn’t that Benny Hinn is a great healer, he just carries the presence of The Holy Spirit in a great way.”


For You! Liberty! (2) 18″x24 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

At one point he even had me come up on the stage while he was speaking and hold this painting, “For You! Liberty!” as he talked about the power of the presence of the Holy Spirit. He said when we’re with the Holy Spirit this is what happens.

So this week I found my book, and began re-reading it. Let me tell you I have been crying so much, hearing Benny Hinn’s story, and seeing God working in his life…it is just so precious. So encouraging. God was so faithful to encourage Benny, he was as doubtful as I was, but yet God confirmed and led him to his place in the Kingdom.

So, I just wanted to share this, on Memorial Day. I know it’s a holiday for the military forces in the natural, but I want to honor those who have served in the Army of the Lord. They have fought and sacrificed their lives, to give us freedom and liberty too. I also want to recognize the Angels, God’s heavenly army, ever making war on our behalf…carrying out the will of Our Father.

Reading Benny’s book is reminding me of all the sacrifices he made to be one that carries the Holy Spirit. How he was persecuted, rejected and abused, especially by his family. The Holy Spirit became his best and only friend at times.

Did you know that he was a horrible stutterer and God didn’t take it away, until he out of obedience to God, stepped up to the pulpit for the first time, opened his mouth to preach, and it was in that very moment that God set him free!!!!? Amazing!!!

So I honor God’s generals today, on this Memorial Day!! Thank you to all who sacrificed and fought to be those who carry his precious Holy Spirit! Those that were willing to host Him so that He could move through them, saving, setting free and healing….so many.

I’m not sure if this is wisdom, to share what God is doing in my life…but there’s something about writing your vision out, making it plain, and honoring God with our testimony…doing that has power in it. It’s my Memorial to God and who He is making me to be in Him…despite my fears and doubts, He is still able.

I also want to encourage others, if they feel called to go to the nations, or to be used by God, that they spend time with the Holy Spirit. Jesus said he was leaving but when He did He gave us the promised gift of the Holy Spirit. We are supposed to spend time with Him, and he is supposed to be our best friend, our comforter, teacher and leader now, the Spirit of Truth!

* went to a revival on the 30th and 31st. The evangelist talked on the last night.about the Holy Spirit and being “endued with power…” The very words Jesus spoke to me!

“And I send the promise of my Father upon you: but stay you in the city till you be endued with power from on high.”
and He will show you things to come. He shall glorify Me: for He shall receive of Mine, and shall show it unto you—John 16:14.
…when He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth—John 16:12,13a


I was spending time with the Lord, and He took me to a garden. It was so beautiful, everything was in bloom. He gave me a lovely fragrant white flower, and He even let me hold a white dove on the back of my hand.Then He began to sing a song over me, it was so strong it was like it went through all of me. He was singing…”I will RESTORE!” He just kept singing those words, over and over…until I wept and felt it deep inside. All I could say was, “Yes!”I believe I was to share it…to encourage you, that when you belong to the Lord, He WILL restore. No matter what has been stolen from you, He will give it all back and more. He is faithful and true, and He really does love you. He says He will restore. Do you believe?Jeremiah 30:17 ESV
For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the Lord, because they have called you an outcast: ‘It is Zion, for whom no one cares!’

Joel 2:25-26 ESV
I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, my great army, which I sent among you. “You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you. And my people shall never again be put to shame.

Psalm 51:12 ESV
Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.

Acts 3:19-21 ESV
Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus, whom heaven must receive until the time for restoring all the things about which God spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets long ago.

1 John 5:4 ESV
For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.

Isaiah 61:7 ESV
Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot; therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy.

Job 42:10 ESV
And the Lord restored the fortunes of Job, when he had prayed for his friends. And the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

We Had to Get it For You

Today I picked up a package some dear friends told me they had sent me. My sweet sister that works at the post office called to tell me it was waiting for me to come and sign for it.

When I was on the way home, a precious daughter in the Lord was out in her yard and I stopped to say hello. I felt led to open it in front of her, because I had a feeling by the Spirit that she would love it too. See…I prophesied to her one day several years ago, when I saw her outside in the rain. We both were looking for a rainbow that day because we discovered, God gives them to us both. 

Since I prophesied to her, God has SET her free from lies the enemy had made her believe!!! For the first time since that day, she is truly free!!! It did me good to see her doing so much better today!

I opened my gift with her there, from my dear sweet friends Tammy Wilson Strausser and Frank Strausser
And this was in the box. ♥ ♥ ♥ Isn’t it beautiful!!!????

I just wept and wept…and am still weeping…
It was just what I needed on this cold wet rainy day!

I love you guys…thank you for blessing me!!! You don’t know how much it meant to me that you did that! ♥