Be tried and true, and authentically YOU!

This morning I was thinking about David and Saul.   How Saul offered David his armor, but David said no.   He replied, “I have not proved them.”   David knew that even though Saul’s armor was amazing, since he was King, it would be the best; and although it could possibly protect him, he ALSO knew it wasn’t made for him.   He did not “know” it…so it just wasn’t “him.”  But the sling HE had proven those nights in the fields, protecting the sheep, yes, he knew what he could do with that simple slingshot and just one smooth stone.   Because God had taught him.

David could have cared more about his reputation and just said yes to please the King, but he had the courage to say no to him, and to be true to himself.  David knew who he was in God.  He had a relationship with Him that was tried and true, just like he did with the sling shot.  David was authentic.

What God has called others to do, He simply may not have called you or me to do. It’s easy to copy another, and try to be like them, because we want what they have or we want favor with people.  But, that is not God’s way…and it will never satisfy the longings of your heart.

One time in the spirit, Jesus and I were walking on the beach and there were shells as far as I could see. They were piled up on the shoreline like they do sometimes.  Jesus picked one up and held it in the palm of His hand. He looked into my eyes and said,
“There is not another shell like this one…anywhere. They are all different. Everyone.”

So simple, yet so profound. How much more are we like that to Him?

Everyone is called to pray; but few may be called to a life of continuous prayer like John Welch.   All are called to trust God’s provision; but, we may not be led to “prove” the LORD by giving away everything we have and going to rescue orphans, like Rolland and Heidi Baker.   We are all called to have faith, but none of us may walk on water like Peter did.

Sometimes I see artists take classes from another artist, and when they are done, their art looks just like the art teacher’s work. Oh how that grieves me!!!! They have lost their artistic “voice” by becoming like someone else.  Why do they do that, and more importantly, why would a teacher want them to do that?   I have also I heard people start to talk like the person they are studying under…or musicians that sound like the latest “superstar” on the radio.

It is a HUGE GIGANTIC ENORMOUS pet peeve of mine!!!   I want to be so original, so authentic, so true, so VERY ME…because it is THEN and ONLY then, that I am in MY sweet spot.  That spot where I totally get why God made me.  Yes…then I find my divine purpose.  And I am living IN it.

I think David knew that one day he would be King. I believe God must have told him when he was under those starry skies, watching over those sheep, worshiping the One that made them.  I also think he was a man of honor, because he was so dishonored by his family. When David hurt, he ran to God, where he worshiped and sang to the Lord, yes, he honored Him. That was how he encouraged himself in the Lord. Then God showed David honor because God honors those that honor Him. I also think David could not stand that giant dishonoring his God, because he truly knew the cruelty of it…AND He knew his God; His God was a God of honor.  David was intimate with the KING…and he loved the Creator so much, he was willing to fight and defend His Honor!

Honor yourself, and honor others.  Don’t mimic them, or try to be like them.  A person that values originality will NOT like being copied by you. Those that are looking to dominate you or build a following…will.

Be who you were created to be.  And if you don’t know…then run to God when you are hurting and in that secret place, with your Creator, you will become who you were created to be.   You will then be like David.  You will know what has been proved, and what works for you.  And you will become a giant slayer. A leader. A person after God’s own heart. Someone God will be able to use.  You will be the true you.

Know God and know yourself.   Be tried and true, and authentically YOU!

Delight yourself in Him, and He WILL give you the desires of your heart.