When did Church Turn into a 3-Ring Circus?

The church has become a place of entertainment.
Not a house of prayer, nor a source of salvation.

I had a dream recently, and in it, there was a party, to honor a special guest that had come back from the dead. To get to the guest, to pay your respects, and sit at His feet, you had to go down a narrow path. It was a long path, plain and simple. But, everyone wanted to stay where the entertainment stage was, with all the flashy lights and amazing music. They all sat there with their eyes wide open, watching and eating food. So sensually satisfying, but yet, so very empty.  When I began down the path, I called for others to come with me.  They could hardly hear me above the music, they looked like zombies, but when they did hear, they just waved me away.

I realized that the church is becoming more and more like that. Sometimes I go to churches and I just shake my head. Seems people are more into the music, or their experiences, than they are really into just sitting at Jesus’ feet. I hear story after story of encounters, but rarely hear the Word anymore, or hardly ever see someone get saved. Dare I say, that I believe, the love is growing cold too?

People want to see gold dust or teeth appear. Oil dripping from hands, portals, angels, healings, manifestations…etc.
They want to hear good, entertaining, speakers, and amazing music.  The cry of their heart is, GIVE US GOOSEBUMPS!!!

People are also striving to be seen, like the “super-stars” that come in and do all the amazing miracles…they are willing to step on others to get to that stage.
But, don’t they know, that it is Jesus Who promotes?   And He promotes those that usually do not want it…because they know it is a position that requires much responsibility, yes, they know they will become servants of all…and that requires much love and death to self.  Do they not know that the Word says, seek first the Kingdom of Heaven?

Yes…these people, want all these things…
BUT, do they,
or have they,
even humbly sought Him that week?

I am not a bible scholar, but it seems to me that signs and wonders were mostly to confirm the Word…so that people would get saved. I don’t think Jesus wanted it to be entertainment for the church or something we seek over Him. Worship is supposed to be for God…not for our pleasure, to distract us from seeking Him.

When did church turn into a 3 ring circus?

I believe Jesus wants His church back.