New Wine Skin


God really wants to do a new thing…if we would just let Him. New wine, needs new skins. You can’t FIX an old skin…it has to be discarded. Lord, have YOUR way, and help us to be okay with it. Help us to find our way and place…rest in it…and not try to force anything…or hold onto the old. Just because you are not “who” you used to be in ministry does not mean you are no longer useful. You just need to accept the new place He has you and be content in it. There is a season for everything. A butterfly can never be a caterpillar again…it has died to that old place. If God has a new purpose or a place for you, He will put you there. No amount of performing, striving or trying will help. It is works, and it is sin…repent, trust and rest.

So many want to BE someone that God never ever called them to be. Or they WERE something in the past but that season is over. I am talking about a complete DYING type thing and trusting God to resurrect. Dying is dying, it is not more DOING….
It is not striving…It is just a BEING thing. Dead things don’t do anything.

If God has not opened a door for you then stop trying to open doors for yourself. Stop trying to be good enough, or copy other people. People see others with favor and they try to mimic them…it is NOT GOD. David refused Saul’s armor…because WAS not HIM. So many are tempted to try and BE like another because they want what they have. David never did that. He said, I have my slingshot, that is all I need. David was authentic, and he HONORED God by WAITING on HIM to make him King. He was anointed LONG before he took the throne.

Letting go…

opened my hand
a flower blooming
Each finger a petal
I’m letting go

Felt the white ribbon 
slide and slither
slowly around and 
through my fingers
Like a snake in the grass

The Red Balloon lifted 
higher and higher
Until the final moment
when it slipped completely 
from my hand

parting ways 
like ex-lovers 
with one final 
passionate kiss

Finally free,dancing, with the wind
Rocking back-and-forth,
a buoy in deep waters, 
caressed by waves.

I watched as it diminished,
until faded away
from an inconspicuous dot 
to complete nothingness

Swallowed up by 
the enormous blue sky
It disappeared.

Then, a tear fell 
from my eye
As my lips mouthed 
a somber