Oh the Colors of Winter

A poem came to me as I rode my bike. So, I wanted to share it with a photo I took where I was riding. Not sure if it is good or not, I don’t write a lot of poetry…like a song being sung to me…it made my heart feel something…and my eyes well up with tears. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 

The Colors of Winter

Oh the Colors of Winter,
Dulled by Cold in the Air.

A Palette of Subtle hues
In Beige and Faded greys.

Pine’s Needles and Crumpled Leaves 
Create a Carpet in Rusty Browns

Still pools of water reflect sky’s blue
Drawing eyes to look up;

Where Ever Green’s Bough’s give hope 
All’s not Dead, after all.

And there’s a Hush like a Baby’s Sleeping, 
And a Stillness in this Season. 

As though Hope’s just Hibernating;
With an Expectancy of Spring.