For all my sensitive friends…

All my life people have said to me, “You are too sensitive!” I just always wanted to say back to them, “Well, maybe YOU are NOT sensitive enough!” Just saying that to someone seemed insensitive to me.

For the record, I just want to say…yes, I am sensitive…and God made me this way. Even as a child, I could not wear itchy clothes. I was terribly picky about my food. I was easily distracted…and late all the time. Lost things. I loved art, being outside in His creation, but, I could also look at a person and feel their pain; see inside of them, even as a child.

For many years, I hated myself because I was not like my brothers and sister. I wondered, “What is wrong with me?”

Now I know, I am sensitive because God wants me to be this way and it is a gift. Since I have been filled with the Holy Spirit, I have seen Him move through my compassion and sensitivity to love others in ways that just cause me to weep with joy and be filled with love. I have felt other’s pain and also felt as Jesus lifted it off of them. I have seen people healed miraculously.

So now, I embrace it! I pay attention to what I feel…because I know that is how God leads me.

Like the story of the Princess and the Pea, it was her sensitivity that told those around her that she was a true princess, because she felt that tiny pea under all those mattresses!

A Princess or a Queen?

I remember years ago, I was in a church and a woman was preaching about how there would come a day when you would go from being a Princess to a Queen. I was still a Princess then. I had so much to be done in me before I would be ready to handle the responsibility and duties of a Queen.

Recently I had a dream, in the dream a leader looked into my eyes and told me I was a Queen, like Esther. I got excited in the dream because in real life, I had been studying about Esther. As I began to tell the man about what God was showing me about Esther, people began to fall out under the power of God all around me. I would just look at them and they would get drunk in the Spirit and begin laughing, falling on the ground. I would walk past and the Holy Spirit would touch them, healing and setting them free.

After that dream, I started thinking about the difference between a princess and a queen.

ImageWhen a woman is first saved, she is like a princess. She is a daughter of the king. She is precious to her King Daddy and He just wants to spoil her. She has little responsibility, but is in training to be a queen, so she helps with minor problems only. She usually seeks to be served and not to serve others. She is often given in marriage to a prince. It’s a normal practice for a princess to select her husband herself by means of competitions. Whichever prince wins the competitions gets to marry the princess.

Becoming a queen is considered as a promotion from the level of a princess. There are a few conditions for a princess to become a Queen.

  • Her parents have to be dead. Spiritually I think it means that she has to be willing to leave her family for the sake of the Kingdom.
  • She has to be suitable for the throne. To me that implies that she has to have the character needed to be willing to lay down her life for the Kingdom.
  • If her parents are still living, they have to give her the title of a Queen. In the Kingdom, I think that means that spiritual leaders will recognize the maturity level, and you will obtain favor with them.

The queen, on the other hand, is already prepared and lives to serve, not to be served. She is married to the King, so she gets to be intimate with Him. She will not marry another. Intimacy speaks of ministry, of knowing one personally, face to face. Revelation comes from these times of intimacy. She, unlike the Princess, has the same authority as the King. She has duties to the kingdom, especially administratively, and will act in His place if she needs to. A queen is always considered the first woman citizen of the kingdom and accepts the guard of honor along with the King when she visits other kingdoms.

These are the differences between queen and princess. I think a Queen will always be a Princess, but a Princess has to earn the right to be a Queen.

Which one are you?