Do you See what I See?

258573_273038642818795_1238941377_oDo you see what I see?

This painting ministers to me…because seeing in the Spirit is very similar.   Sometimes I see an image superimposed over my surroundings in the natural, other times I see a completely different image in the spirit.

And, when it happens, I often wonder, am I making this up, or is it just my imagination?

But God has been teaching me to “doubt my doubts” and trust the eyes He has given me to see.

AND, like a good Father, He will almost always confirm my visions…

to build and strengthen my faith, encouraging me to step out more and more.

Bluebird out my Kitchen Window




I love cryptograms and do them all the time, yesterday, I got this one:  What we can easily see is only a small percentage of what is possible.  Imagination is having the vision to see what is just below the surface; to picture that which is essential but invisible to the eye.

Later I was talking to my sister on the phone, and I saw this little guy out of my kitchen window sitting in an oak tree.   It was such a surprise to see a bluebird.  I rarely see them in my yard, especially this time of year.

If you think like a prophetic seer and you look for God speaking through everything, you will look below the surface, then you will see more than just a little bird in a tree.

Oak tree means strength and courage.  Kitchen represents your heart, window means revelation, and blue bird means happiness, freedom, release, creativity, spirituality, imagination, higher ideals, and heightened awareness.

I believe the Lord was encouraging me, speaking to me about my creativity.

Such a nice gift from the Creator on this cold cloudy day! 🙂

Cinderella Man



This week I watched Cinderella Man.  If you haven’t seen it, it is a great movie based on a true story about a fighter, James Braddock, that made a come back.  But it wasn’t just any old come back, it was like a prophetic word to the country, for that season.  It was in the middle of the great depression, and he had been fighting and fighting and fighting for his family.  They had suffered so much through their lack, everyone had gone through the fire, except the rich.  He had injured his hand, couldn’t fight anymore, and had to take any odd job offered to him to try and support his family.


It was beautiful the love that he had for his family.  The character that he displayed, the humility and courage. People loved him and looked up to him.   His agent really loved him, believed in him and fought to give him a second chance, a one time fight.  He got in the rink and fought with amazing determination and power, even though he was hungry and had not trained.  He was being fueled by the fire of the love that he felt for his family, and country.  He kept on winning and ended up being set up to fight the world champion, a man that epitomised satan.  He had even killed 2 men in the ring.  He was menacing and honestly, a total jerk.


So I watched this movie and I wept.  It moved me deeply, feeling the heart of God for those that have fought and fought for their family…the church, His body.  Feeling such anger at satan and what he has done to those to keep them down.  What he has done to our country.


I am not a violent person and do not usually like to watch boxing or anything like that, but this day I was cheering and enjoying every punch!!!  I got so excited when that jerk finally took a fall!!!!  It moved me to tears to see this Cinderella man stand up and fight!!!  Seeing him become who God created him to be…step into his call. He was restored, vendicated, and his whole country was encouraged.   God took this man and made him a prophetic word of encouragement for the whole nation.  FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT the good fight.  Satan is going down!!!!!

 It is time to open a can!

God’s love message to me…on my birthday


Anyone that really knows me, knows I love rainbows and butterflies. They are special signs between the Lord and me. I see them in different places…different ways…One special way he gives them to me is through greeting cards. When I lived alone, and would sometimes wish for a card from someone special, I would pick up a card from the drugstore display with a rainbow on it and say…”this is from You Lord.” It amazed me how many times what I read in the card was like it was just written for me! I haven’t done that in awhile. But about a month ago, I felt led to do it. The card I picked was this one.


I was drawn to the glittery rainbow, and the 3 trees…AND the little red bird in one of the trees. And the message on the front, “Rainbows are Love Messages From the Lord.” It was a Birthday card too!I knew it was mine!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a beautiful one…and in the middle of it, I took a nap…


When I woke up, I came into the den, and there was a rainbow on my floor. I have lived here for a long time, but, have never seen that before…


it was right on the carpet, the kind you get from sun going through a crystal. I took a picture of it, and then noticed there were more…and they were everywhere, all over the ceiling and walls.



The back of my house faces north, so it is rare to see sunlight through the back window…


I looked and I saw where the sun was coming from. It was reflecting off of the wings of a Swarovski Crystal Butterfly, Aurora Borealis I got last year for my birthday! I put it up there among some of my favorite things, including the card. The reflecting light was lighting up the card and putting rainbows on it. Like God was reminding me to notice it and read it again.


It was also shining on the wing of a butterfly I brought home all the way from KY the day I took my son to live there. I cried all the way home…and the light was reflecting color onto it too.


It was a glorious sight for me to see. It was very special!

God is so real and sings to us of His love all the time, if we will just stop and listen.

Stop and look…we will see His love!