A rainbow kinda day



I had a couple of rainbows this week.  The first one I captured on my phone at 2:22 May 22nd, 2012 on Two’s day!  The next one appeared on my way home from work on the 23rd.I work securing contracts with businesses and by 3:30 I had not gotten one.  I had stopped along the way to take some photos of a park and it was a beautiful beginning to the day.


But then later a friend called and began to complain about how their life was so hard.  I have known this person for a while, long enough that I have seen them go around this same mountain too many times.  They were saying, why is my life so hard, why does everything go wrong for me?  And then, It was like all of a sudden, I KNEW why.  So I asked them if I could give them my opinion.  They agreed.  Something rare for them to do.   I told them they were not being obedient to the call on their life.  That was it.   They have a call to be an Apostle.  It has been said to them over and over throughout their walk, but yet, they try to have success here in the US.  I told them, it will never happen.  Never.  It is like a butterfly trying to be an eagle.  They will just end up hating themselves, frustrated and disappointed…because they were never called to be an eagle, they were created to be a butterfly.  This person is not called to be here, they are called to go.  I said to them, sell everything, and go.  Then you will be blessed.I was so full of the spirit as I spoke this to them.  It was as though I had a body suit on made of electricity.  I knew it was the Lord speaking to them through me.  The other thing that confirmed it was this person actually received it…AND thanked me.  That is a big deal with this person, their hope has been so deferred for so long, it has become hard for them to receive anything by the spirit.  They wrote me later in the day and told me they were actually taking the steps to do what I suggested and had shared it with their bible study group.    Thank you Lord!!!  Someone told me recently that I was a concierge in the spirit…that I see what people need and get it for them…and this seemed to be one of those moments where God gave me just what that person needed.


As my day went on…it seemed to get worse.  I decided to take the 1 hr trip to the next town.  I knew this would make me late getting home, but I was desperate to get some contracts.  I drove through a horrible storm, and I just said…I will press through this storm and get to that town.  It was raining when I got there, I have to get in and out of my car, but I was determined to succeed.Do you know…because of my persistence, and willingness to drive through a storm?  I ended up getting 6 contracts before I decided to return home!


It rained on and off all day.  I kept saying to the Lord, it sure seems like a rainbow kind of day.  The sun would shine and it would be pouring, but no rainbow.  Then on the way home…after my long day of searching for it all day…I saw a rainbow.  It was beautiful…someone called me in the middle of stopping to look at it to tell me they wanted to sign a contract, that made number 7.  The rainbow hung around for 2 hours, it would disappear and reappear…one time it was straight in front of me.   I pulled over onto a country road at one point and just marveled at the beauty of God’s creativity.


 When I was done there, I stopped at a place I just came across…on the same exit, and asked if they would sign a contract, they said yes!  I told the man about the rainbow…and he went out to see if it was still there…and was delighted to see it.  He began to share a story of a day when he and his ex wife saw a double rainbow.  Then that led to him sharing more of his life with me.   It was full of tragedy.  Heartache.  Things that did not make sense.  Pain.  Loss.  I was tempted to be in a hurry, to look at my watch…to count the time.  I mean, I got my contract and was so ready to be home…it had been a long day.  But it seemed very important to honor this man as he shared his heart with me.  So I made a decision to be with him in the moment.  To give him my attention, and really listen to his heart.  When we finished, he walked out to my car with me.  I asked him if I could pray for him.  I was hoping to get a word of encouragement from the Lord for him, but I only felt led to thank God for giving us the promise that He would never flood the earth again, and then painting His word in the sky for all of us to see.   As I started to leave, he turned and looked right into my eyes and said to me, “Don’t ever stop looking for the rainbows!
”‎Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick,
but a sudden good break can turn life around.
Proverbs 13:12 (MSG)Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.
~Lord ByronThe way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
~Dolly Parton

Amen…I know I never will.  Without the rainbow, none of the storms or the rain makes sense.  It was just an amazing rainbow kind of day.  Thank you Lord!

Painting what you see…seeing what you painted


Yesterday I went before the Lord to paint.  Just me and Jesus.  Recently someone accused me of plagiarism because I use reference photos.  Honestly…it hurt because it was more than one that went to my pastor, and guess what, they were all artists too… They didn’t even have the courtesy to come to me and ask me about it.  Where is the Love in that?  Something like that will knock the wind out of your sails…IF you let it.Well…it is no secret that I use reference photos, and I post that, right on my website, and in the testimonies of what I paint…whether or not I used a photo.  Why do I do that?  Well…because I want to make a painting that is easy to interpret. The bible says, when we prophecy in the Spirit, then we should interpret it.  I am a realist.  That is how I see in the Spirit.  I see visions very realistically…detailed.  So, that is how I want to reproduce it.  I am not mature enough as an artist to paint without photos.  So I look and look until I find the right photos that best represent what I see.  Sometimes I use multiple photos.  If I can find the photographer, I ask permission to use the photo, if I can’t I just use it and say that it is a photo…?  I am so new to this, and am learning as I go…  I just want to paint what I see…so others can.

It also isn’t about making money…either.  Trust me, this ministry COSTS me…it doesn’t MAKE me money.  It is my gift…to the body…and other artists.  I want to give.  have a website called The Prophetic Canvas and artists can join it for free, I made it so they can network and encourage each other.  Do I make anything on it, or get anything from it?  No…it is just a way I can serve others.  I also made my website by myself…and take a lot of time to write in detail about each painting.  Why?  Because artists contact often saying…”THANK you for your website.  It ministered to me”…or “I am excited about doing prophetic art now.”  They have even said, “thank you for saying you use reference photos…when I try to paint from my spirit, it looks horrible.”   I do it from a place of trying to love others…


So, back to the painting…I have found, when you want to run…that is the time to press into God…so stood in front of the canvas, and waited…before the Lord (not with the best attitude either;).   Immediately I saw a yellow beam…it was like a light beam of Glory coming down, so I painted it.  I thought of BREAKTHROUGH.  Then I saw a rainbow over to the right of the yellow beam.  So I put it where I saw it on the canvas.  Then the Lord told me to put a cloud under the rainbow….so I did.  Then I waited, and waited…there was nothing else, He just asked me, “what do you see?”  I saw the Lion of Judah’s face in the cloud…but nothing else.  I FELT like a Dove or a butterfly should go in it…and I looked for reference photos to do that…but nothing moved me…so I am still waiting to see what He wants.  Because it wasn’t finished, I didn’t post a photo of the painting yesterday…was still waiting…

As I was painting it, someone in particular was in my heart.  She sees rainbows too, we have seen them together…and God has been doing amazing things in her life!!!!   It is like the Glory of God has been coming down onto her giving her breakthrough.  I actually thought, she would like this painting…

Last night I went to be with the Lord and He let me cry on His shoulder.  I was asking Him what to do…I don’t want to paint something illegal…but I also want to paint something that honors Him by being most like what He shows me.  He told me…”I will help you…just do it ALL for me.  Paint everything for me.”  So…that is the key really…it is ALL about doing it for HIM…  Love is the best motivator and sustainer of all things we put our hands to…and no matter what anyone says or does to us, we will still be in LOVE…nothing can separate us from it.


Today I was hanging out listening to the thunder, and the person who had been on my heart while I was painting yesterday called me, out of the blue…we have not talked for some time…and she says…there is a rainbow out right now!  She had been writing it on my FB page and I didn’t see it.I ran out with my camera…and got some shots…

Check out the painting, and the photo…

God is the best encourager ever!


And this is the shot she got and she said she was thinking of me…about me painting when she got it 🙂  check out the the cloud under the rainbow.  She also said she saw a lion’s face in the clouds… How cool is that…?  We also both saw rabbits and took photos of them while we were seeing the rainbow in 2 different places.  Rabbit means rapid multiplication.The comments from my friend after she saw the painting and note I posted on FB.  DANGGG that was awesome!! I can’t stop smiling and i laughed and jumped up and down in my chair so hard – also saw a LION in the clouds today and uploaded it like 5 min ago!!! PROUD OF YOU!!!! ^^ God will guide you – and lead you in faith -one step at a time – that’s what God has been teaching me 😛

♥ u mucho and i luv ur painting & note 😛

they needs a love button 😛

Faith is giving up the right to see…so others can!





Recently, I planted some herb seeds that I had purchased early this spring.  Before I planted them, a friend and I watched a movie, “Faith Like Potatoes”.  The story is about a farmer that gets saved, becomes an evangelist, and then takes a huge step of faith, on a word from the Lord, and plants potatoes in the middle of a drought.  That was unheard of because potatoes need a lot of water and because you cannot “watch” them grow, you have to have faith that they are there and thriving.  The decision could make or break him.  But…of course because the Lord told him to, it MADE him.  It ended up being a huge harvest and an amazing testimony as he traveled and shared the gospel with other farmers.When I planted my seeds, I was thinking about faith, how placing those seeds underground requires us to give up the right to “see” and so does becoming a Christian, the word even says, “…we live by faith, not by sight.”  It also says that unless the seed “falls to the ground and dies” it can’t become a plant and produce fruit.  See, the seeds are found in the fruit and I have heard it said, you usually know about how many seeds are in a piece of fruit, but do you know how many pieces of fruit are in the one seed?”  Great potential!!!

Before I could plant them, I realized the first thing I would need is a good soil.  Soil that is well tilled and rich, soil that can hold water.   That would be a good place for the plants to rest, grow and be fed.  A rocky soil wouldn’t do, then the plants would have not nutrients and their little fragile roots would dry out quickly.

The next thing they would need to have is water.  Water is what causes the seed to swell so it can burst and germinate, then begin to send it’s roots down into the soil and be fed.  The seeds would have to be watched and watered regularly though,  so that when they did start growing they would not dry out in the sun’s light.

While I was writing this, I thought, hmmm, I should go out and water my little seeds, and guess what I found?   The baby basils had broken through and were now receiving the sun’s energy.

As I was watering the baby plants, the sun was behind me and I caught it’s reflection in the mist of the water.  Then, I saw a beautiful rainbow!  God always surprises me with them and usually speaks to me when He does.  As I meditated on it I realized that the rainbow was always there, that the water had just revealed it.Just like Jesus, the Light of the World, He is always there, whether we can see Him or not.  Same with the tiny seeds, all the potential is already there under that ground and just waiting to germinate.

So, that is what Faith really is…believing He is there…believing we have a purpose even when we can’t see it.

Like these tiny little seeds, each one of us holds a harvest inside of us.  We need to first find a soil or church family rich with nutrients, tilled by prayer…a place where we can lay down and die.  There must be worship, letting the water of His presence cover and soak us, so we can germinate.  And once we are grown, the Son will illuminate His purpose and give us energy for the work of producing fruit!

So then, WE, like individual little drops of water will work together to reveal Him, the Rainbow, to those that can’t see Him…yet!


Have FAITH!!!!

God’s love message to me…on my birthday


Anyone that really knows me, knows I love rainbows and butterflies. They are special signs between the Lord and me. I see them in different places…different ways…One special way he gives them to me is through greeting cards. When I lived alone, and would sometimes wish for a card from someone special, I would pick up a card from the drugstore display with a rainbow on it and say…”this is from You Lord.” It amazed me how many times what I read in the card was like it was just written for me! I haven’t done that in awhile. But about a month ago, I felt led to do it. The card I picked was this one.


I was drawn to the glittery rainbow, and the 3 trees…AND the little red bird in one of the trees. And the message on the front, “Rainbows are Love Messages From the Lord.” It was a Birthday card too!I knew it was mine!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a beautiful one…and in the middle of it, I took a nap…


When I woke up, I came into the den, and there was a rainbow on my floor. I have lived here for a long time, but, have never seen that before…


it was right on the carpet, the kind you get from sun going through a crystal. I took a picture of it, and then noticed there were more…and they were everywhere, all over the ceiling and walls.



The back of my house faces north, so it is rare to see sunlight through the back window…


I looked and I saw where the sun was coming from. It was reflecting off of the wings of a Swarovski Crystal Butterfly, Aurora Borealis I got last year for my birthday! I put it up there among some of my favorite things, including the card. The reflecting light was lighting up the card and putting rainbows on it. Like God was reminding me to notice it and read it again.


It was also shining on the wing of a butterfly I brought home all the way from KY the day I took my son to live there. I cried all the way home…and the light was reflecting color onto it too.


It was a glorious sight for me to see. It was very special!

God is so real and sings to us of His love all the time, if we will just stop and listen.

Stop and look…we will see His love!