The Better Thing and Butterfly Wings

Recently I went to be with the Lord; immediately, He and I started dancing, we were spinning around and around and around. I was looking at the ceiling of a beautiful ballroom, but I was getting dizzy from all the going around and around; sick from the monotony of it.

Then the next thing I saw was Him picking me up, and laying me on a bed like this one. It reminded me of a Princess’ bed, it was so beautiful and fancy.

I had on a long, simple, elegant white gown, and I was just laying there. My hands folded on my stomach. I had the thought, I am so very still, I look like I am dead.

The sun was spilling in through an open window, butterflies and birds were flying in and out. It seemed as though I was in a fairytale. I was just watching them, being very still, feeling like I should be doing something, so restless in my resting. I wanted to create something in my imagination, to force the vision to go somewhere, so I tried, but the images would not stay so I knew it was not His will.

So finally I asked God, “Okay, what are you trying to teach me? What does this mean?”
And He said, “It is okay to rest sometimes, to just relax and be still; to watch the butterflies and the birds.
Martha was busy and worried about so much, but Mary chose to just sit at my feet, and it was the better thing.”


The next day I was with the Lord, having a very special time with him when I asked about my husband. I have never really been married, and I just turned 50, so it’s something that I wonder about often. I wonder if I will ever have someone to share my life with. Sometimes I lose hope and think it is just one more thing I have to die to, but, this day, I asked Him “will I ever get married, Lord? He said. “Yes, you are getting married and he is coming for you soon.” There was a quiet confidence in the words He’d spoken to me.

Two Days later I saw a butterfly on my bush.

I stopped and remembered what God had said to me about being still and watching the butterflies. This particular one, The Eastern swallowtail, is the one God used to get me to start painting for Him. I had painted for a Women’s group the day before and it was an amazing time of ministry. As I sat there, watching, in my heart I was thanking God for how far I have come from the early days when I first spread my wings, and began to “fly”. I grabbed my camera to capture it, when all of sudden another butterfly appeared and the two of them began to dance together in flight.

It was so beautiful to see them in courtship, mid air. They were so caught up in each other as they flew all around one another, and then slowly off together into the trees.

I remembered what Jesus had said to me, It is ok sometimes to just be still and watch the butterflies…and yes, he is coming for you soon.