Do Not Be Deceived…

God cares about holiness in the church! The Bible says it is certainly our responsibility to judge those INSIDE the church, not those outside. Paul tells us emphatically to NOT even associate with people claiming to be Christian, that are immoral, practicing sin.

He goes as far to tell us to not even eat with them, but to put them OUT of the church. Here is a paraphrase of 1 Cor 5:11 with questions to consider.

You must not associate or mix with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is an immoral person.

A “lover of God” that is actually a whore monger that indulges in sexual sin, sexual immorality or fornication. Does that include people indulging willfully in pornography, or homosexuals that claim to be Christians?

A so called “brother or sister” that is greedy, covetous, avaricious, or rapacious. Does that include people that are promoting a prosperity message?

A “believer” that worships idols or false Gods. What about doctrines that are contrary to the Word?

A “Christian” that is a slanderer, reviler, railer or is abusive verbally in any way. Does this include people that gossip about others?

A person that claims to be “a child of God” but is a drunkard. How much alcohol is too much?

A person “in the church” that is dishonest, robbing others, swindling, cheating, stealing from and extorting people for money. What about televangelists constantly asking us to sow a seed, or ministers playing games and manipulating people for offerings or donations?

Just somethings to think about…

Yes we are called to have grace for one another, but I believe Paul is exhorting us to not to tolerate sin in the body of Christ.

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