Humbled by Need


Humbled by Need

God humbled me, when I had my son and wasn’t married,
I was MADE to take charity. It was hard. It would make me weep when people showed up at the door with groceries;
or would give me money to help me with gas;
or I would have to go to a ministry to get help paying my light bill, because my paycheck did not stretch far enough that month, or some unexpected car repair would take all I had in the bank.

Since those days, I have seen that there are some people that will not let you help them. I asked God…why? Why are these people so afraid to let others help them? What is the problem Lord?

I believe God showed me it is pride and a fear of judgment in them. These people have judged others with needs, and therefore, they see it as a weakness to have need and to ask for help. They have not yet been humbled or broken by God in this area. They have to maintain control, because asking for help requires vulnerability and humility. That could also mean that when these people DO help others, their heart might not be pure, and their motive may be off.

Don’t be afraid to ask for,
and take what you need,
or to give with a pure heart,
God will reward your humility.

2 thoughts on “Humbled by Need

  1. Christine
    I haven’t been responding to your sharings but i want to say that they are so from the heart and have gems and gems of revelation and great teachings .
    Bless you and you are a blessing , keep on sharing and hearing and seeing and being His
    healing instrument.
    Hope you are able to get toDr Paul Cox soon.
    If I have your correct mailing address, ( i live in Canada)I wanted to send you something to help you with the cost when you go to his discernment school. You will love it. I completed his school and I am an Intern with Dr Cox. .
    The address from your business card is
    607 Twin Circle Court
    Apex, NC., 27502
    If you choose, Confirm if it is correct.

    Blessings in abundance , Joseph Beaton

    • Christine Council says:

      Yes that is my address…and you are so sweet! I actually got into a financial bind and asked for a refund :(. Trying to catch up on my bills, not sure when I’ll be going. They said they would keep me as a student, and hoped i could make it.

      God is doing some deep things in me…
      Preparing to send me to the nations He says… Trying to believe that. Been hot in the fire…but worth it!

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